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Cool Blondie

This will shock both Faith and Steve because for once I have gone all blonde but I simply thought that this lovely cool summery dress simply deserved to be topped off with an equally cool hair colour.  It is called Hibiscus and only for 2 weeks can you get it at the promotion price of 99lds.  Comes with matching mesh clogs and mesh skirt, different sizes in skirt, clogs, shoes and belt means a fit for everyone.  Shoes and skirt are mesh so it also comes with 3 choices of Alphas to suit.  OH I almost forgot this outfit has it’s cheeky rudy side to it because it comes with a yellow bra  which you can see in the picture but for those with a little bit of nerve without it you can flash your boobies at the boys or girls.

You can pick this up from the marketplace if you can’t make it inworld