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The Bone, the Off-White, the Ivory or the Beige?

SF Design have the perfect shirt to start the working week off for this edition of Monday Mania: the beige Business Shirt with Ties. I love my business shirts, whether in SL or my real life, I’m a fan.

This shirt is super, the beige looks brilliant and the detailing is fantastic, especially the shading and creases around the chest and the buttons. It comes across all layers so you can wear this anyway you wish. You also get three versions of the collar with tie attached with this shirt: the long flexi tie that I’m wearing above and two tucked-in ties, one shorter and the other a bit longer. All three come with a script for resizing should you need them. The sculpted cuffs look sweet, not only do they fit perfectly but the cufflinks are gorgeous, going nicely with the colour of the shirt itself.

As always, this shirt will cost you L$25 for today only, for a shirt like this, that’s a total bargain right? You can get it at this price from the Monday Mania board which is located just inside the casual men’s section of SF Design.

Get the gear here: SF Design