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Its Monday…and that means its rolled around to Monday Mania at SF Design yay! This week its some fabbo snakeskin print pants…choice of resizer cuffs or not…slipped these babies on with my new Ronsem booties plussss a free hair-do I found on the floor in the hair dept at Ronsem also ! Dont forget, the snakeskin pants are only available for the Monday Mania price of 25L today..and only from the MM board just inside the ladies dept. (I believe there is also a pair for the boys !)

SF Design



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Mesh for free

Popped over to Ronsem after Steve told me about some prime group gifts…this mesh sweats top is one of them…comes in sizes for guys & girls…Ive worn it with the latest mesh denim skirt form CandyMetal which I just adore  and a pair of ankle boots also from Ronsem…gawd I lurrrve these…you can buy single colours for just 100L or a crazy fat pack of them for only 300L ! (The Ronsem group is free join btw)

Also nabbed this sweet pink off the shoulder mesh top from the pile of group gifts..o.O and changed my booties to white *squeee*…the bag is also a freebie…pack of three for you to take at The Fashion Cache !

Ronsem Mainstore

The Fashion Cache


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Let me be your Fantasy

I havent been this excited in a while..I decided to apply for the first time everrrr..to be a blogger for the Fantasy Faire , I was sooooper pleased when I was accepted, wriggly with excitement to get to the sims and take a peek..and all-around-unbearable for a few weeks ! From a bloggers perspective..its all been  so painlessly thought out.. although I dont expect the brill organisers & designers have had much in the way of sleep the last month or so..I was assigned to three designers, on a sim that I was asked to give my prefs for..awesome! My *home* sim is called Nu Orne – Lost City..which if youre into fantasy wear , or not..is worth a visit too. I stood for ages on my first trip…soaking it all in..it really is an incredible build – built by Elicio Ember and sponsored by Arcanum…lots of nooks and crannies to explore..heaps of lush vegetation…huge stone crumbling buildings..very beautiful…very mesmorising…I headed over for one more look around before blogging..and found what HAS to be the most terrific low-lag free outfit ever! Still wearing it now…hair & shaved hairbase by the wonderful Wasabi Pills..and the glorious skin by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods..male & female versions available of this out..grab it and make your journey into these sims lag free…whilst still looking sensational!

This event runs from From Saturday April 21 to Sunday April 29. Fantasy Faire 2012 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world.  Nine days of shopping, live music concerts, auctions, hunts and roleplaying to benefit Relay for Life and the fight against cancer.  Avatars, clothing, furnishings, gadgets, goodies and exclusive items are available from more than 130 of SL’s  top  Fantasy Creators, spread across nine stunning sims designed by some of the visionary artists behind many of the hottest spots on the SL destination guide. The Fantasy Faire 2012 is made possible by the generous support of Sim and Event Sponsors: Arcanum, Booshies, Epic Toy Factory, Fallen Gods Inc., Rustica, –= Solarium =–, The Looking Glass, T R I D E N T, and Vaengi Wings.

Sooo onto the donation items I have to show you. Dont forget…these are items that the designers are donating the proceeds to finding a cure for cancer..more specifically to the American Cancer Society…over the years the Fantasy Faire has raised so much cash for this …thats people like you and I…all of us joining together..and helping ..warm huggy feeling huh?

My outfit above is by SAKIDE…called “Runes Fairy dress” its a frothy little number with two skirt options..I slipped a pair of old fishnet leggings on underneath (just because I lovvve them)..and then…from Star Kindler Designs, this fantastique Filligree Masquerade  mask ! The work in it is amazingly detailed (this item is also appears in the FF auction, in a special colour!) Can you spot my darling brooch? Its by Amaranthus , the Starburst Brooch. In the pack are three sizes S,M,L handy! (The earings are also from this designer) None of these items will break the bank..so snuffle them up while you can !

Something a little more slinkier is this mesh  floor skimming gown from SAKIDE..gawd I adore it..The Lotus gown..wraps you up…and stuns the guys (or girls!) ruched around the midriff…simple balconette style bodice…it has five sizes in the box ranging from Large to xxS…so you should be ble to find one thats purrrfect for you! The arm bands come with it..and set of the exposed upper body beautifully..theres also a ring just for added glam.

Last pic of today is one more donation item from SAKIDE..the shepherdess dress…YES, you dooo get the ever-so-cute bow topped staff with it yay! YES the fahhhbulous wellington boots also ! Seriously how adorbs are those boots *squeee*..had to get Kevin my sheep out to add some pop to the pic –  “say cheeese Kev” *grin*…Im also wearing some Elf ears with this..they just completed the whole fantasy appeal for me..and gawd there are a lot of choices of these little wonders..made by SouthPaw..the “wood elf ” ears have a menu driven system thats pretty simple dimple to use..and a great choice of charms you can wear with them..you can change the colour of the jewels..the skin tone also !

Ive got to go back later and explore more of the sims..Im really curious about the “Shifting sands” one..looks deelish…have a ball and drop a few pennies if you are able, to the cause. Heres the url’s and further info for you:

Ruins of Nu Orne 

Fantasy Faire web site

Fantasy Faire on Flickr

All makeup worn in the above pics are  group gifts from MOCK cosmetics – thanks Mocksoup Graves ❤

Hair by Ronsem (its for guys but I so so SO loved it for meee!)

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Bag Lady

Catching up on the heaps of CandyMetal releases today..with a little added bag action..above Im showing one of the newly released mesh tops by CandyMetal called “Tula”..Ive not seen mesh look floaty before..and this is so feminine…goes perfectly with one of the mesh denim skirt in light blue, also a new release ! Great selection of sizes in both of these girls…so give em a go ..

My fav of the Tula tops is this stunning Bordeux..with a tiny print all over…worn with the black mesh denim skirt it looks ravishing ! The flats are from DUH..only 25L, and come in all sortsa colours..love em. Nowww onto the bags…both in this pics are  group gifts from Bella’s Lullaby..(free join)…the minnie mouse one comes in light or black denim…and really really looks cool with a denim skirt (or jeans!) The “girls just wanna have fun” travel bag is also a gift…totes adorbs…I spied other bags while I as over there plus some sweeter-than-sweet bits n bobs..go take a gander !


Bella’s Lullaby


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A Pound of Flesh

Akeruka have released another fantastic skin to make you guys look great and it’s called Antonio. This skin was a huge hit at MensWear 2012 and it’s not a surprise to see why with it having all the hallmarks of Akeruka’s skins. The face is handsome but there’s a definite ruggedness there. The detailing on the body is brilliant as well, especially around the chest and abs with their awesomely defined muscles.

There are a range of options to choose from when you’re picking up this skin including 4 great-looking skin tone choices (I’ve got natural on here) and 9 different face options. Antonio will set you back L$1800 but it’s definitely a good price for such a super skin. Head on down and pick this up and take a wander around while you’re there.

Get the gear here: Akeruka

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Miss Priss

Big isn’t always best..and that certainly holds for a store called Priss..its tiny..but perfect..at the moment there is a gifty out (not sure how long for though) and its this boootiful oversized coin purse. It comes with three different hold poses too. Priss also has a sale on currently..and I snapped up this dress for just 30L ! (other colours available) thanks Priss !


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Bedazzle with a Vajazzle !

Oh finally..someone made a vajazzle…Pretties for your kitties *grins*…Mock cosmetics gave this awesome little tattoo layer out for the group members today…I want more and more and more to buy please ! Pro-tip..join this group (I think it was 250L when I joined) you wont regret it…ever. For the spontaneous gifts..the hilarious chat…(it really makes my day)..and the store is stuffed with make up goodies you wont be able to resist..whats more..it wont cost you an arm and a leg to transform yourself..blush, eyeliners, lippy’s, full make over..the list is endless..I cant leave home without my makeup on these days ! Thanks Mock ❤

Mock Cosmetics