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The Green Jacket

Have you always wondered what it feels like to wear the fabled Green Jacket? Well now you can find out for yourself and you don’t have to play four rounds of golf to do it. In fact, you don’t even have to pay a single solitary linden to find out because SF Design is giving away this gorgeous green suede jacket for their free gift this month.

The shade of green on this coat is really lovely and the suede look is fantastic. This jacket comes with two versions of collar and lapels, one with a resizer and one without as well as the same deal for the flexi jacket bottom which looks tremendous when you’re walking around (whether it be on a golf course or not). You also get sculpted cuffs, shoulder attachments (can’t bring myself to call them shoulder pads) and an awesome little daffodil boutineer which adds some great colour to the coat and looks cute to boot.

As I mentioned before, this sweet coat is free! All you have to do is head down to the SF Design casual men’s section and pick it up and the green jacket is yours! While you’re down there, you should also check out the Monday Mania item for guys which is the same polo shirt Faith is showing just underneath me here. You can’t go wrong today at SF Design, get on down there quick!

Get the gear here: SF Design