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Cleo Design with a ooodles of dash for your cash!

yumyumyum…I have some lush new pieces to show you from Cleo Design..this is a real good value store that you will keep returning too as you furnish and expand…each piece has SO much packed into it ! (pro tip: read the notecards carefully, or you might miss some of the goodies!) Soooo onto the newness…the first set Id like to show you is above..two comfy chairs..and they are mesh *squeee*. I’m loving how super decor looks in mesh..smooth…and plump. Each armchair has twenty-two anims in it, amazing huh? Some in the cushion, some in the seat…touch the table for your wearables, such as a laptop,ciggie & tea etc..You also receive the two paintings, which are pretty in themselves, and tie in nicely with the colour scheme of the set. Check out the table…a teabag box with opening lid..two cups of tea..books and more ! The complete set is for sale for only 250L !

Another new piece is the “armbend chair”, unusual design, that has one arm up and one flopped down, great for lounginggg ! This chair and the table are also mesh. The chair has a massive 37 anims loaded..single fem,male & couple..read the notecard for info …touch the table and you’ll get an array of wearable goodies to match the pose..sweet huh? One thing I especially love about Cleom Bailey’s items is that the many smaller items are NOT linked..so that you can tailor your prim usage according to your budget …I know I know..we all loathe counting prims ! These pieces are lowwwww prim though hurrah! The sweet light bulbs actually do work, and the birds are a lovely touch… Ohhhh almost forgot…if you touch the shadow underneath the chair…you can select colour change options too ! (both cushion & seat) makes it even more versatile…the price for all this prettiness? Just 75L…STEAL! Thanks Cleom xx

Get it all here : Cleo Design