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Its an Old World

Had to share with you these sweet dollarbies from “Old World”..Id not heard of this store before and saw these items initially on the market place…but the inworld store is SO worth a visit…not only are there a few more gifts & dollarbies..but the place is stuffed full of  some really lovely items at great prices ! Above I’m showing the wood gazebo, the water trough with bird and a cute wooden bench that has two sits and a book hanging onto the end….all just 1L..

I also loved this cutting board, knife and lemons..perfect for a beach bar…or in a kitchen…

I nabbed this set of three baskets for 1L…little details like this really help to make a spot more realistic. Check out the main store for the other dollarbies (there are even two houses that are sooper cute !)  Have a look at some of the garden set ups while youre there..low prim and verrrry pretty, and dont miss the sale room !

Old World

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