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A Century of Mania

Monday Mania reaches the big 1-0-0 today and to celebrate, designers are putting out a special gift in stores for a week. Gifts like these classic sunglasses from SF Design. These are very funky glasses, dark lenses and a cool-looking frame that is also colour-changeable with eight different tones to choose from. I’m of the opinion that you can’t have too many pairs of sunglasses and these are very worth picking up.

Now onto SF Design’s regular Monday Mania release: the black blazer. I think this is a very versatile blazer, striking a good balance between casual and formal. You get two versions of this blazer today, the one that I’m wearing in the above picture and the other has white piping around the bottom. Both, of course, look brilliant. The details are fantastic, especially the buttons on the sculpted cuffs and the collar and lapels are resizeable via script should you need to resize them. There are also two sizes of the flexi jacket bottom for each version of the blazer.

For L$25 you can’t go wrong running down and grabbing this coat at all. Just remember, you can only get this at the special price for today only from the Monday Mania board near the entrance of the casual men’s section of SF Design and the classic sunglasses will be available all week. Oh and before I forget there is a version of this blazer for you ladies to grab as well, so head on down and check it all out.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Love in Venice

Ahh..Venice..a place for romance…masked balls…looking effortlessly chic whilst sipping black-as-coal espresso by the canal. Never been there myself..but if I did..Id like to think I could give the locals a run for their money and look stylishly slick. Yes Id slink around wearing something like this from coldLogic..the “vergara” mesh dress..sleek enough for evening wear..but…depending on what you wear it with..day wear also. I have to say, mazza pants apart (blow torched off my legs last week btw) this new line of dresses are simply my favourite..the low dip back really falls beautifully..the wrinkles and crinkles look so real…even the way they kinda “pull” a bit across your tummy, as if you’d scoffed just one too many pastries…Im wearing the linen version, the top part is thick satin..the lower half nubbly linen..a really nice contrast. (Three other colour variations, black & white, marine & strawberry) 350L singles orrrrr 900 for a quantum pack of all four. Incase you’re wondering about the name…”vergara”, I don’t know for sure..but..I think it’s after Sofia Vergara, the actress…looks like something shed adore to wear !

As a Venice afternoon turns to half light…make sure you’re seen leaning against the rails of a picturesque bridge..smouldering and sultry…layer on the lippy..tilt your hat…and vogue bebe..mmhmm..here Iam trying to do just that in one of the other new releases from coldLogic “owens” (pricing the same as the vergara)..this time with a striped effect across the halter top and pinstripe detailing on the body..snazzy! It seems a lot more vampish somehow with the stripes…I chose the earth tone to show you..three other colours also available – summer, lilac & watermelon…these shades will take you from spring to summer easily! Was tempted to add a stole or bolero but..I so wanted you to see how perfectly the halter fits around your neck..thats a hard thing to get right with mesh..also the low back…both working well with a number of pre-made no modify shapes I own…all of the items do come in squooodles of size options and there’s demos for you at the inworld store and the market place..two other new dresses also out..go see ! Thanks coldLogic team xx

owens & vergara dress’s : coldLogic main store        market place store

Hat, photo one: Gos        market place store

Hat,photo 2: Couture Chapeau   market place store

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Clutch me


I have a real passion for bags & purses…uhm..a bit like I do for shoes and hair really ! I heard B&T had opened a new mesh studio..and headed over there to scope it out. First thing I spied was this deeelicious mesh clutch…and ohmai a real bargain at just 10L…it has a built-in pose also..love it ! Then I spotted this slinky dinky mesh pencil skirt for 49L …right on style…and sparkly ! It was SO mine…it comes with various sizes included so your sure to get a good fit…slipped on that group gift jacket from [echo] and felt a million bucks…there is a heap of really lovely gear to gawp at…specially loved the mini wrapped mesh skirts..and check out the long baggy mesh shirt…fahhhbulous! Guys there is gear for you also hoohah!

B&T mesh studio

Group gift jacket [echo]

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If love is blind….

…why is Lingerie so popular?…thats my deep thought for the day over and done with. Sooo totally fantastic news..Awear has opened a store yay! Ally, the creator of Awear contacted me to let me know..so naturally I zoomed right over and took a peek. Downstairs are some poses, couply ones, modelling ones, very affordable ! Walk up the spiral staircase to lingerie nirvana …you’ll find a small selection of dreamy underwear..the sort you look at through the store window and hope and hope and hope you’ll get bought..its proper grown up stuff..and I just couldn’t resist buying the set above called “Deborah”…its sensual  and playful…with its polka dot pattern and rich lace…a whole set for just 50L steal !

You will also find two gifties out for you..the Paris set that I showed you around Valentines day…its transferable too..so Guys, go get it and treat your lady…extra brownie points will be awarded as it’s “just because I adore you” and not for a specific occasion …

Also a new set is out as a gift (not sure how long for so do hurry along) Its called “June”…delicate baby pinks and soft blues give it a real summery-warm weather appeal…especially love the panties !  This set is also transferable (infact- but don’t quote me– I think all the lingerie is trans- so great for gift giving hurrrah!) Thanks Ally xx

Awear lingerie & poses

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Partay! Its almost Spring

mmhmm…it is almost upon us..spring will shortly be sprung…and CandyMetal are really getting us in the mood with another gift ! “The Spring Party” gift..is a sweet mesh top..and denim skirt. Iam sooo loving the colour clash of bright leaf green and the raspberry pink..seems its BIG this season. Notice my shooooz? They are a new release from Ruby Skins..chunky wedges..with a patent mule top..the totally uber great thing is..you can alter all the parts of these babies..the skin, the mule, the lining..the nails…fahhhbulous! The HUD is simpledimple to use, even *I* got it ..thanks carmella & Emychan xx

Another new release from CandyMetal is this striking dress called “Ran”, lotsa colour options…its VERY nipply…I saved my blushes with my plaits..Im also wearing a CM skin…abso-looot-ly stunning , it’s called “Sonya”, I chose to use the chocolate colour, which as you can see is a pretty tan tone..just added a lipgloss layer et voila! Ohhh incase you’re wondering..yes the belt is mesh and yes it does come with the frock ..

Get it all here: CandyMetal    Ruby Skins

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Midnight Mania just got sexeh

Some fahhbulous news dahlings..Poison has loaded up a new Midnight Mania item *squeee*, its one of my very fav jackets ! The jacket is unisex and comes with male & female sized parts..so something for the guys to get excited over too…”Rising Sun” is the name..get over there and slap that boards butt ! Also look out for the latest jeans release..”The Lion of Rock” unisex(y) ones..here they are…great detail on the cuffs…and a dark subtle print on the denim…scrummy !

Heres a closer look at the jacket..super buckles and texturing…thanks Corocota ❤


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Strawberry Picking

A little early for picking strawbs I know..but…I found this place…and it was sooo pretty that I stayed to frolic around amongst the flowers and bushes..grabbed myself a basket and loaded up with some sweet berries ! Anyhooo Jane has some perfect new gear, just right for a wander through the fields …”Marsha” is a casual tunic..could be worn with tights or leggings…but I loved how it flowed around my thighs…so left them bare…simple capped sleeves, fluted hem and little patch pockets…other colours available , singles or fat pack (fat packs are SUCH good value, just get them !)

Slipped into the “dabs” skirt next…and added a “keen” tank…both of which have some great wanna-feel-it fabrics going on…thats one of the things I just love about mesh, the realistic texturing,  you can see the weave and threads so clearly ! The pink tones are warm and fuzzy..adorable wavy hemline on the skirt makes it just the little more jaunty…heaps of colours in both to choose from, or net yourself some greedy packs …

So glad that Janie has made some more trousers, these are called “easy day” and give you a casual style..long flares..choice of two lengths and ooodles of sizes to ensure you get a purfect fit ! You can’t see, but they have some sweet pockets on the rear also ! Teamed with the “dandy” tank, which has a lovely motif on the front…and gives you a choice of hem sizes too ! Graduated colours leading to the bottom makes this simple tank pop ..I’m wearing these trousers with boots..mmhmm..and because of the mesh..no pokey-outty bits hurrah!

Another new tunic..”minnie” is a polka dot cutie and my absolute fave of the newness… something about it that’s comforting and takes me back to some of my precious childhood days. I dare you to put this on and not be able to smile ! Love the gentle pink shade but also look out for the subtle green..deeelicious ..

Last of my Jane news today is the “prissy” skirt…handydandy wee thing…flecked all over with teeny leaves…can even wear it on swing and have no leggies showing through…mesh yay! Used another of the dandy tanks…the blue is almost lickable…get over to JANE! and check it all out…dont forget you will need a mesh enabled viewer to see these pieces correctly…make sure you take the demos and try it out …thanks Janie xx

All the goodness here : Jane

(my current mesh viewer of choice is Dolphin..download it here )