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Pack some punch into your Spring wardrobe

I have some spring-ga-lee new releases to show you from coldLogic ! Spring is such a hopeful month..all the outdoorsy growth…warmer days…and heapsss of new gear from all the SecondLife designers ! coldLogic’s sewing machines must be smokin…cause this latest release is just huuuuge…and it made me want to get out & about and dance in the streets..now listen up..the newness is gonna be your “staples”…and by that I mean…youre going to wear..and wear..and wear these items…useful..hardworking…and soooper easy to mix in with almost anything…that’s one of the fantastic things about mesh..layering…and that’s one of the things I adore the team at coldLogic for..they make it so easy to do. With colour palettes running throughout the store… and lashings of separates , so you can build youre own individual style…embrace the mesh ! Above Ive tossed on my indispensible “cole” mesh jacket  (with all the colours you’ll never get tired of it), over the new “ellis” top in coffee…then slipped on one of the new mesh skirts “smith”, in pink. (yes it’s not glaringly pink..and I LOVE that subtlety). The tops come in single-pringles..as do the skirts…but for a really fahhbulous deal, pony up for a quantum pack. Ellis tops 150L singles, quantum pack for five- 500L (that’s a massive saving of uhm..ummm…*uses fingers* 250L !) Smith skirt – 200L singles, quantum pack of five 675L..

Looking ahead to the Easter break..I had to try on the new “adams” skirt in a tiny rainbow of springy hues..gentle colours…add to it one of the “weiss” tanks with a light self stripe…all of the latest releases have little differences in the fabrics used..the weiss Id say is more of a day wear item..think to summer and wearing it with shorts and capris..or those long boho skirts…also cute under some of the mesh shirts for added interest..the skirt is a whole other story…sweet enough for the day time…but the beautifully shaped hemline lends itself to the evening also..check out the full range of colours..weiss – singles 150l, quantum pack of five 500L. adams skirt singles 200L, quantum pack of five 675L.

Next up a different shade for the smith skirt – sand…worn with another new item the “lauren” tee..heavier threads on this than the others…and again..great alone or slide it on under a shirt/jacket..I wanted to show you the back of this skirt…and how cleverly its made to look as if its swirllllingg…its sorta flippy…and chic…(can you guess its my favourrrite yet? !) lauren top singles 150L, quantum pack of five 500…

Something different for me…I tend to gravitate to the more neutral colours..but but but ! I saw the “coyle” skirt..and fell in love with its blocks of bold colour..see what I mean about how they make it easy for you to mix it up? The skirt has three sections of colour..pick one..any one… and go for it with the tee’s ! The coral trim on the skirt was begging to be tied in..so I plumped for the “ellis” top in a mouthwatering coral tone..voila! coyle skirt singles 200L, quantum pack of five 675L..

Finally for today..another new mixtastic tee “tebbets”, lovely weave on the fabric…thin straps which would also lend to wearing under a shirt or with a slightly dressier skirt…and yuppp, I wore it with anotherrrrr shade of the *smith* skirt *grins*…this time in cotton, which if you’re looking for the     do-everything-shade…this is it. I did pop into coldLogic earlier today..well..squeeezed in would be more like it…so busy! Stock up on your essentials…grab some demos…and play! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

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Credits: Mary Jane shoes by HOC

All makeup by MOCK

Daisy necklace by DarkMouse

Hair by Tram