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Clutch me


I have a real passion for bags & purses…uhm..a bit like I do for shoes and hair really ! I heard B&T had opened a new mesh studio..and headed over there to scope it out. First thing I spied was this deeelicious mesh clutch…and ohmai a real bargain at just 10L…it has a built-in pose also..love it ! Then I spotted this slinky dinky mesh pencil skirt for 49L …right on style…and sparkly ! It was SO mine…it comes with various sizes included so your sure to get a good fit…slipped on that group gift jacket from [echo] and felt a million bucks…there is a heap of really lovely gear to gawp at…specially loved the mini wrapped mesh skirts..and check out the long baggy mesh shirt…fahhhbulous! Guys there is gear for you also hoohah!

B&T mesh studio

Group gift jacket [echo]