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Fashion for Life

Fashion for Life is a tremendous event in Second Life which supports the American Cancer Society raising a great amount of money for donation. It’s currently running until the 20th of this month and I think we can all agree that this is a very worthwhile cause as I’m sure most of us have either directly or indirectly been affected by this disease. We all know how important research into finding a cure is. There are so many great designers on show with some lovely FFL exclusive items so when you head down to the Fashion for Life sims and buy something from one of the Fashion for Life vendors, be happy in the knowledge that not only are you getting some high quality merchandise, your money is doing good. There are also gacha machines and a hunt, giving you even more excuse to look around.

Now onto some of the gear you’ll find when you’re wandering. First up, I have this super skin from Akeruka. It’s called Damien mk1 (yes there is a mk2 as well). You’ve all seen Akeruka skins on this blog before so you know how good they are and if you haven’t, well just take a look at the above picture. Akeruka never stints on quality, bringing superb details to their skins. Damien has a great masculine look to him with tremendously sculpted muscles around the torso, even the belly button is done well. This version of Damien comes with some funky looking eyeliner that adds another dimension to the skin. Also included are tattoo layers for a light eyeliner and hairbase as well as a bald base. Everything is covered. This skin will cost you L$1000 and is definitely worth the price.

Akeruka @ Fashion for Life

::Schoen:: is a new store to me but they have some wicked looking items down at Fashion for Life. The ‘Black Down Vest’ you see above is one of their FFL Hunt items that can be yours for L$50. It is really very well done with just the right amount of puffiness to it, looks great worn by itself as well as over the top of something like I’ve done here. I love the black leopard print designs around the bottom and front of the vest. There is also a hooded version included that looks just as good. This is an item that you guys should definitely be on the lookout for.

::Schoen:: @ Fashion for Life

Last but not least, I have one of the Fashion for Life exclusive outfits from SF Design. Those of you who’ve seen the blog recently will recognize the shirt and mesh pants shown here but now they have been beautifully recoloured and put together for FFL along with an awesome pair of boots. As I mentioned, the pants in this ensemble are mesh so you’ll need a mesh enabled viewer to see them and they are definitely worth the new viewer, gorgeously detailed and fitting. There are 2 different sizes of the mesh included so you’ll surely find one to suit your size. The dark blue colour looks brilliant and goes so well with the boots and shirt. Speaking of the shirt, it’s a light blue version of the Flower Power shirt and I think I might even like this even better than the pink one, especially taken with the ensemble as a whole, it just all looks so good. As I mentioned in a previous post, you get two sleeve lengths for this type of shirt, the three-quarter length (which is my personal fave) and the full-length, plus they come on a variety of layers. The creases and shading are done ever so nicely and the sculpted cuffs and collar fit perfectly.

Now onto the Tweedy Rolltop boots. I love these shoes, they look too awesome. The colour is very cool (blue suede shoes without the suede baby) and they are dead easy to fit with the alpha layer (if you can wear multiple alphas, something I’ve only recently been able to do myself). The detailing on them is gorgeous, especially the tweed rolltop, seriously, that is my favourite part of these boots and that is saying something.

This ensemble will cost you only L$400 which is an amazing price for such a sweet set of clothing. More than worth it.

SF Design @ Fashion for Life (this link may not take you directly to SF Design but you’ll be on the right sim)

So there you have it, some of the amazing items on show at Fashion for Life. As you can see, the quality of the items is simply stunning and this is only a small sample of the gear you’ll find down there. Remember, it is all for a great cause so bring your money, explore the many gorgeous sims and help out!

Fashion for Life