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Far Out

What would a new month be without a free gift from SF Design (we’re still in the first half of March so I’m still calling it the new month)? For March, you guys can pick up this ‘Flower Power’ shirt for absolutely nothing. As you can see, it’s an awesome looking number in a great pink colour, the floral pattern all over looks amazing as well. It comes on all layers and can be worn in either the three-quarter sleeve length or full-length with sculpted cuffs for both which fit brilliantly and look super. The sculpted collar also comes along for the ride and all the attachments are resizeable via a script should you need to fiddle with them. Definitely a great gift for those of you who are getting into Spring as well as those enjoying Autumn.

It being Monday, I couldn’t ignore today’s Monday Mania item from SF Design which are these funky little denim slip-ons. I usually have some trouble getting my feet to fit into slip-ons, it takes a lot of patience on my part…usually. Not this time though as these were so easy to get on, helped immensely by the alpha layer and by the fact that there are 2 versions to choose from: one with a resizer script and one without. The texture on these shoes look gorgeous and for L$25 they are an absolute bargain.

Remember, you can only get these shoes at the special price today only from the Monday Mania board located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section. Head on down there quick and grab these shoes while you’re snapping up the free gift.

Get the gear here: SF Design