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Hanging at the bean

A place I love to hang out at is The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse…and ohmaii…I met one of my fashion/blogger heroines while I was there…the ever gracious Harlow Heslop ! I was looking for a mellow kinda place to take some photos of the new haul at coldLogic..above I’m wearing the gorgeous mazza pants in smoke (from the previous release)…such a classic shade…with it the hunt gift from coldLogic “jett”…and you get it in a few colours ! I was feeling reflective and mooochy so the grey & black combo suited my mood well…the hunt is TFUH…hint and other info on the board right inside the main entrance of the inworld store..

New out and instore right now is “carey”, a slinky little dress…with such amazingly good shading & texturing it’s as if you could stroke your fingertips along your hips and feel that cool satin. .simple..seductive..and in a few other shades also. Im also wearing a new mesh release from CandyMetal..vintage shoes..gawd I love love LOVE them! Two tone..above the black & cream…

..and I just HAD to wear this version with the new coldLogic dress “herrick”…pink and red..a lush clash of colours..it pops! I so loved herrick in this springy green and jolly red flowers…especially enjoy how at the sides the fabric falls into thick heavy folds..how do they DO that?! (its magic, it must be !) Check instore for other shades…

Saved the piece I’m MOST excited about till last..*squeeeeeal*…check out thisss…tube top and jacket..and yes…they can be worn separately ! oh oh OH…how handy dandy is that…this jacket is gonna get worn to death…beautiful detailing on the back ..great pockets, buttons..outstanding..there are two variations of this style..with edging or block colour..(skirt is called “buckley” from the first coldLogic release and instore)  My necklace is from Carolines Jewlery…this piece called “strands” is on offer at the Disco Deals event for just 75L…obviously I chose pink, but various colours are on sale- thanks Caroline xx

Check it all out, demos available inworld or on the market place..thanks coldLogic team xx

coldLogic: market place

coldLogic: inworld store

vintage shoes: candymetal