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Carted Away

The Cart Sale is going strong and Pink Label have some brilliant gear out for us guys to grab at great prices.

Everything you see me wearing above: The white button shirt, the pin striped jeans and sneakers are all Cart Sale bargains from Pink Label!

The shirt and jeans look fantastic, I love the fresh white colour of the button shirt with super creases and comes with collar and cuffs and multiple layers for you to fiddle about with. The pin striped jeans are probably my favourite items from this lot, the texture is wicked and I’m loving the colours, they also come with a pair of cuffs that fit oh-so-well.

Here’s a closer look at Pink Label’s sneakers you can snag from the Cart Sale. They match up really well with the jeans and look good to boot. The mixture of brown tones work really well and these sneakers come with an alpha layer and contain a resize script for easy wearing.

These items will only cost you L$10 each which is amazing. You can find yourself some other lovely bargains down at the Pink Label cart so you should definitely head on down and take a look. Thanks Talena!

Get the gear here: Pink Label Cart Sale