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The Wash Cart sale time yay!

I so so SO love the cart sale’s at the Wash sim…I get all soooooper excited and dash over to scoop up lotsa goodies *squeeee*…this one is fantabulously huge…lots of new designers I havent seen before and alllll the ole fav’s I have come to love…soooo onto the info…have you ever been to a cart sale before? no? Wellll…lemme fill you in..everything, and I mean…everything..is 10L or under ! It’s such a fab way to try stuff before heading over to the designers mainstore and stocking up..there are skins, clothes, shooz, boots, home decor, jewelry..and more and more and more ..guys, YES, there are things for you also hurrrah! B!ASTA have this scrummy blouse & shorts set out…you can also snatch the matching peeptoe boots..both just 10L…I’ve wanted to try this look for agesss..ever since that chick in the UK Xfactor wore it week in and week out..well here it is..and I adore it. The blouse could also be worn with pants, skirts..verrrrry prettty. The skin I’m wearing is by Nvious..”Allyssa Medium M1B” very delicate facial features and beautiful details…

Schwarz have a few items on offer for 10l..my absolute fav was this mesh tee with the lil dawgies on..awwwww ! Lots of sizes to choose from in the pack, plus you get a light and dark option..fabulous!


Thenn I spied these adorbs boots from DUH ! omaiiii I just fell in lurve with them…and uhmm..bought quite a few colours..but but but they will be sooo useful and at 10L a piece..its not breaking the piggybank is it?

My last purchases were this so-so-pritty frock from snatch…sublte..girly..floaty..so me ! I teamed it up with this sensationally good jewelry set from nana, and a skin from Style by Kira, Ive been searching for a good mascara running skin for simply ever..and this one really ticks all the boxes, lovely skin tone, great lips…each item only..youve guessed it..10L. Have a blast go and grab up all the gear !

The Cart Sale