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I was out shopping when I decided to follow up an item Id seen blogged (YES, I too read blogs !) Sooo I ventured into a new store for me called [soap]…scoped the place out and justttt as I was  leaving..saw one of those zombie popcorn boxes that Im always searchin for and never ever find ! I snatched it up and went home..and to my utter surprise..it was this supertastic mesh dress, with a corsage & bouquet. Its called *till death*, and is really too kinda pretty to be considered a zombie bride. Great tatter detailing on the hem..with blood splatters dotted about, the alpah layer gives you an incredible teeeeeny tiny waist. Have to say the bouquet & corsage are just top notch..fabulous amount of intricate work on both..just awesome ! Take a look around while youre there, theres just a whole bunch of goodness to see anything from clothing,grunge,FUN stuff and more…thanks [soap]

Till death gown: [soap]