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Red shoes…no knickers

Well that’s my mum always told me..I have NO idea why..or where that saying comes from…but every time I see red shoes..up it pops! This time of year there’s positively heapss of red (and pink) about..so in homage to my mad mummy..I decided to blog a some…love you mum! Armony have released these platform pumps above..squooodles of colours. Love the big floppy bow around the ankle !

Dashed over with about 100 other group members and collected the February gift from Filthy…also Valentine themed with a row of sweet hearts across one cheek..three colour tones in the pack so you’re bound to find one you like..Im wearing tan which is rather pretty. There is  group join fee, I think its 250L..but with a gift skin each month and discounts on new releases occasionally etc..its certainly worth the cash.

On to some market place finds, Awear have this very sumptuous lingerie set for you. Lush reds, lot of lace..sophisticated no? Its free and transferable, so chaps if you’re looking for something special for your lady…here it is. Alternatively, like moi..I grabbed a set and gave them to my friend awww ! The table is from MiTSouKo & MiTS STuDio, another free item. You get the table and all that’s on it. One of the sweetest things Player did for me was to set up a table like this on Valentines night , go for it and really surprise your adored one.

Do you see the bunch of roses I’m hiding behind my back? Its theeee cutest thing ! From RC Cluster and only 25L..you wear the bouquet and its animated to hide behind you, touch it and your hand moves forwards as if to offer them..when your love touches the bouquet, they receive one with an animated hold to wear…brilliant ! There are also other versions to rez in the box also) The shooz are also from the market place, Pure Poison have them for just 10L ! Sooper cute & stylish..

I also found this adorbs set from Pickles..”valentines day collection” , you get a sofa, pillow pile, rug & lamp, wont cost you a bean and its pretty funky at any time of year…yay pink! Its texture change also and not so high prim…the Valentine countdown board was also a gift on the market place from carpe diem…get one..position it in clear sight…so no one forgets the day !

Izzie’s has this lingerie for only 5L on the market place..you actually get two sets, one with little hearts, one with big…a real steal from a great store- oh look…thats the rose from the bouquet above *squeee*…

I really have some sort of aversion to names that swap S for Z..I dunno why…I just do (I also complain to all & sundry about people who text me using “text type”- Im such an old fart huh?) Anyyyywayyy SDDeZignZ have this lovely chemise & panties on offer for 1L..really pretty..I teamed it up with a limited edition pair of shoes from Pink Label available at The Black Market only 75L and seriously…these are thee easiest shoes to work with, easy HUD, great options …love them thanks Talena xx

Last up I just received this gorjuss group gift from What Next..the valentine mailbox…small join fee required..but again really worth it for the quality gifts you receive..Im wearing the critter set from Pink Label…I love the shorts, sooo many pairs I’ve bought only to find they have that ugly gash look at the crotch..no worries with these !.the matching cardi has the sweetest little critter applique on the front and a larger version across the back…threee colours available at the black market, each set just 35L ! Phewwww…

here’s all the links, get busy !

 Chemise & panties : SDDeZignZ

The Black Market (Pink label shoes & critter outfit)

mail box : what next

Paris red lingerie: Awear

Countdown clock: carpe diem

Wearable rose bouquet: RC cluster

Valentines couch set : Pickles

Romantic table set : Mitsouko

Izzie’s lingerie : Izzie’s

Gloam red pumps: Pure Poison

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  1. Fai said: “Red shoes, no knickers…. have NO idea… where that saying comes from…but every time I see red shoes..up it pops!”

    Yah, I suspect that will start happening to me now, too.

    Awesome pix as always, Fai!


  2. Drivin ❤ its about time you stopped pervin the blog and blogged your smooth self so Ive got something to look at 😛 Thank you Handsome x


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