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Leri Miles does Glam

Oh gawd..I’m so getting mesh fever lately…when I saw the preview of Leri Miles gift for the seasons palette hunt, I just HAD to go find it. (And you all know how bad Iam at hunts!) It’s wasnt sooo hard to find but it also ensured I got a good tour around the store, which is a greaaaaat thing cause Im sure like me, you usually miss whats around you when you’re hunting and you surely don’t want to miss the goodies on offer here !

The dress is mesh, so you will need a mesh enabled viewer to see it properly. In the box you have a choice of two sizes which is handy dandy..one fitted my shape perfectly with no shape  modding required. The dress is just so glamorous…almost vintage in style..reminds me of those Hollywood starlets on the red carpet..slit to the  thigh along one side..the fabric is gorgeous..faded pinky burgundy tones…a halter top…adorbs. I love how it clung to my body and moved with me ~happy sigh~…go get lucky and hunt it down !

Leri Miles Designs

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