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Its a mystery…hmmm

A little while ago I had a notecard from Janie Marlowe…she was telling the group about a new store that was to be opening soon on the Zyrra sim, called “coldLogic”…that was all…nothing more…oh and the suggestion we might like to head over and join the subscribo to get the news as it broke. Sooo being the curious soul I am, I did just that…snooped the store, which was empty…and promptly forgot alllll about it. Today a parcel arrived, at first I didn’t recognise the name…but I opened it and found to my utter delight a pack of mesh dresses/ tunics ! No note…no more info…whaaa!!!!!!

So onto the items..its mesh..so you’ll need a mesh capable viewer to wear them (or you’ll look just plain weird) I like the new phoenix release , well its the old phoenix with added mesh ! You get three shades clay, ruby & stone…I adored the rich ruby…very wintery, but the clay & stone tones will fast become wardrobe workers..so handy with leggings or tights…but also still glam enough to be worn in the evening alone with heels…I love versatile clothing ! So the mystery continues…Im intrigued..I did dash over to see if the store was open but newp..just the subscribo and a locked door *foldy arms*..if youd like to get these, hop over, join up and youll find them in the history..thanks coldLogic..whoever you are !

Winter mesh dress: coldLogic

bags: gatcha fair tulip & doppleganger

necklace *anzac*: Darkmouse

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