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Schwarz handed out a real tonic for your post xmassy look..a sleek complete outfit…shrug,pants,gloves and tank…deelightful sparkly design on the tank and studded pattern on the gloves makes it a real stylish look…Magnifique poses have this new set out with bags..ideal for trawling around the sales ! Great poses ,each with its own bag set to wear…


thanks Gelsi ! (group join fee applies) When you join the group, you will get access to the VIP room…youll find a bunch of heavily discounted gear up there. The landmark for the VIP room is just by the entrance..

Clothing: Schwarz

Shopping bag poses & bags : Magnifique

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Who says Christmas is over?

It doesn’t have to be over, no, not when you can still pick up Christmas gifts like the one I’m showing to you now.

Aoharu has this amazing ribbed collar sweater out for free at the moment and it is sensational. The texture on it is gorgeous and the sweater itself comes in two styles, the one I’m wearing above has the nordic pattern on it and there is also a plain red version included, both coming on multiple layers. You also get sculpted sleeves, the collar and the bottom part of the sweater and I only had to make the slightest adjustment to the bottom, everything else was perfecto.

I don’t know how much longer this gift is going to be out there so you’d best get down to Aoharu fast and pick it up.

Get the gear here: Aoharu

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Christmas in Elysium

Merry Christmas! Yes indeed it is the big day and over here in Australia, the presents have been unwrapped and the food has been eaten (oh God, so much food) but I’ve not forgotten about you and I’ve got something I think you guys will like.

Above you can see SF Design’s Christmas group gift, the gorgeous Elysium coat. If you remember, a while ago I blogged the Elysium tuxes and this is the coat from that but with some lovely Christmassy modifications. Firstly, it comes in a lovely deep red colour and secondly, instead of the usual coat lapels, collar and cuffs, this gift comes with gorgeous fur. You can either choose red or black fur collar and cuffs for this coat and both look wicked and fit perfectly. The bottom part for the frock coat comes in either a scripted or non scripted version for your fitting ease, it’s also flexi and looks great when you walk.

This coat will not be set for sale so if you’re not a member of SF Design group, you should definitely join up and grab this from the notice archives and enjoy because this really is a super jacket. There’s also a gift for you ladies as well. Thanks swaffette and Merry Christmas to all!

Join the group here: SF Design

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Generous Jane !

*squeeeee* Janie Marlowe sent all subscribo members a great big stonking fat pressie ! Oh oh oh oh and its Mesh Goodies..have to admit since phoenix got meshed up I’ve been searching around for some new meshy gear…and hoooray now I have some! Jane’s mesh is sooper easy to wear, and you get four sizes in each piece – even I could find a great fit . In the gift box you will find 4 gifts…above Im showing the “lil strap dress Alice” with the pale gold trim…you get  three colour choices of this item…its a real grown up classic dress…and I lurve it..I also thought you could prolly get away with dressing it down…slip a turtle neck under it..thick tights (piggies!) and some snow boots..might look cute !

Next there is a rather awesome hoodie jacket in three colour ways..brilliant flared fit and fluted hemline makes it snuggly to wear !

There is also another dress (I know right!!) called “lil strap slipped up”, again you have three colour versions, the pale gold is just scrummy, especially enjoy the deep lace trim..there is one more thinger in the gift…its so so SO cute…I wont spoil the surprise ! Thank you Janie, hope you have a wonderful Christmas & a very happy New Year xx


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Milk in my coffee

I just had to finish off my post vacation blog fest by showing you this new release from siss boom…its called “milk in my coffee”…and is super stylish, just the right antidote for all my Chrismassy bright reds & greens etc..melt in the mouth lattes & creams, with a lush chocolate-brown skirt…its effortlessly chic with its little posey of flowers on your chest…perfect flute sleeves, dress it up or keep it simple…its a keeper..while youre over there, look out for the two outfits on special offer for just 100L…they are dreamyyyy !

milk in my coffee: siss boom

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I couldnt wait…

…to get back and explore a store that Steve blogged earlier this week..called SG and it’s crammed full of goodies…even better news is…its ALL 10L ! Yus indeedy…dresses,separates,shoes, and more..I trolled over there ASAP and tucked away a little stash to show you. There was a lot of jackets…hard to choose what to show off to be honest..but I totally loved this jacket called “Tokyo”, great details and furrrriness! Lotsa colours available…and at 10L it wont break the bank..

Snapped up this sweater & scarf combo, also 10L..a few shades to choose from..I got it in PINK tones naturally(its called cherry but it’s SO pink !)

Amazingly there were also a few group gifts, the group is free to join…thought this sweet capped sleeve dress was so adorbs…teamed it up with an old croire pendant which I can’t recall when I bought sowwy!

Plussss I couldn’t resist this valentine lingerie set…also out as a group gift hurrah! Pop over to the store when you have a chance..steal deals especially after the Christmas drain on your lindens…Dont forget Guys…theres plenty there for you also !

All clothing (apart from the leather pants which are GizzA) : SG