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I usually have a little guideline that says I don’t blog any presents that I might get. However, my partner gave me something from Gabriel that was just too good not show.

The outfit above is one of the new release Military Suits and it is quite simply brilliant. I haven’t taken it off since I got it. It comes with everything you see above, coat, pants, shirt, gloves and even the boots and every piece is so well made and looks gorgeous.

It is very easy to wear this suit as the shirt comes on the same layer as the jacket, there’s very little fiddling required and the details are just amazing. From the epaulets on the shoulders, the little buttons going down from the collar, to the belt wrapping around the middle it all looks sensational. Happily I found that I didn’t need to edit any of the attachments to get them to fit perfectly. I’m not normally a glove wearing kinda guy but I found the black leather ones that come with this too good to leave off.

I have to say I’d never worn a pair of boots with an outfit like this before but I loved the way these boots looked with the suit as a whole. They go perfectly with the ‘military’ look and are really well done, even including bunched up bottoms of the pants on the boots themselves, adding to the realism of the look.

If you’re looking for a suit with a difference then you should definitely head on down to Gabriel and check this out. It is most definitely worth it. You can also pick this outft in a different colour and don’t forget to grab some of those group gifts if you haven’t already!

Get the gear here: Gabriel