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Return to Elysium

For those of you who like your tuxedos, you’re in luck as SF Design have released a new one and it is simply gorgeous. I was lucky enough for swaffette Firefly to send me some to show you all.

It is called the Elysium and like I said, it is gorgeous. The notecard I read about it is certainly right as it does have a certain touch of flamboyant style to it, from the puffy, ruffled dress shirt sleeves to the long coat and eye-catching bow tie, this is definitely a tuxedo to behold.

It comes in lovely colours of black, blue and brown. The choice of layers for wearing these tuxes are many so you can mix and match with these quite easily and as you can see, it looks equally fabulous either with or without the coat. Each one features two different bow tie colours to choose from and the resizers make them so easy to fit. There are a lot of other attachments to be worn with the Elysium but honestly, I only had to resize the shirt collar and bow tie, the rest fit perfectly right out of the gate. I am especially ‘attached’ to the dress shirt sleeves, I love their puffiness and the little ruff at the ends, the way they hang down slightly over your hands, such a super little touch. The waistcoats included are also just as stunning and you may recognize the design from Monday Mania earlier in the week.

I can’t neglect to tell you that you also get these awesome buckled dress shoes with the Elysium tuxedo. With their beautiful design and texture, they are the perfect finishing touch for this look and saves you time pilfering your inventory for a pair of shoes that are just right.

The Elysium will cost you L$600 but in my opinion, that is well worth it for a tux of this quality. Everything looks just so good on this, the details are amazing. If you are looking for a tuxedo with a tremendous sense of style, I think you’ll find it with this. Thanks swaffette!

Get the gear here: SF Design High Society

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Six Six Six….Gobble

I’ve succumbed to a seasonal sniffle…and I SO wanted to strut around in these shooz…but hey ho…sitting by them is coolbeans too ! Pink Label has a wee mini hunt type thinger going on…you find the turkey boxes…et voila..pay 10L you’ll get a pair of these fabalicious killer pumps! Niiiice, I like this game …also right by the front door is a sign telling you all about this…with a hidden surrrrprrrrise for you within ooo.OOO ! Haul your tushies over there….theres a lot going on…thanks Talena xx

Turkey box hunt: Pink Label

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Mr & Mrs Santa

I have to admit..a fair amount of the typical Mr & Mrs Santa avatars I see, just totally like creep me out…either  overly undressed..or frankly..scarey..Carmella Ruby showed me her version and I just fell in love. Both are traditional…homely…they make you go “awwww” and feel all huggggbuggy ! You can buy these tremendously detailed av’s for just 450L the SET…they are transferable so you can share or gift them yay!

Both avatars are complete..and i mean complete…skin, hair base,hair,clothing,nails,eyes,boots…the whole shebang !

These would be sooper lovely for role play during the festive season…I think Id wear mine just because it’s amazingly cute! You can find them on sale at the Candy Cane Fair, which is a huge huge HUGE market with all things Chrismassy in it…also a fair few freebs dotted around for you to collect … Thanks Carmella xx

Mr & Mrs Santa: Ruby Skins at The Candy Cane Fair

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Mean Motor Scooters

Faith and I are lucky ducks indeed after Tesa Carrasco got in contact with us and dropped us some her hot off the presses gear. I got the Biker Set in red while Faith got herself a capri set in pink (of course).

Both look super fantastic. The guy’s biker set features the jacket and striped shirt combo (which all come together on one layer) and the jeans. As good as the jacket and shirt looks, the jeans have to be my favourite part of this outfit as they have an awesome colour and the denim has a brilliant distressed look to it. You also get a pair of rolled cuffs for these jeans as well as cuffs, collar and lapel for the jacket, none of which I had to edit at all, I just wore them straight out of the box and they fit!

Faith’s outfit is gorgeous with her cool, tight black capris and pink and black top. Both have great designs and looks to them (I’m liking the little gaps in the capris running down the front), it’s a very simple outfit yet you have to admit she looks amazing in it.

As always with Tesa’s clothing they are amazingly affordable and I like these new items very much, especially since she told me that her new releases are half-price for the first week of them being out (which ends on the 26th I think). You definitely should run on down and check them out as well as her other gear, she always has something cool on offer. Thanks Tesa!

Get the gear here: Carrasco’s

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Santa in the Sun

This is how Santa dresses when he visits us in Australia, when Christmas day calls for beaches and barbeques rather than sledding in the snow.

As predicted earlier by Faith, here I am to show you the tremendous Ruby Skins Candy Cane hunt gift for us guys. It is as jam-packed as the ladies gift. You get everything you see me wearing above: the super Summery Cherry swimtrunks, a lovely soft facelight as well as the Jethro skin. I can’t forget the awesome looking sculpted santa hat and Bighorn ankle boots (after all, Santa can’t travel down under without all his gear now can he?). Also included is the Cain shape and brown sparkle eyes.

I was right wasn’t I? This is a well stocked gift, full of awesomeness, how can you pass this lot up? Perfect for you aspiring Summer Santas. Thanks Carmella!

Get the gear here: Ruby Skins

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I always get excited when a new store opens…so when I heard about [Echo] I dashed right over to scope the goodies. I wasnt dissapointed…fab collection of reasonably priced gear..super colour palettes run throughout so mixing & matching is a breeze…I snaffled up the Forte sweater.(55L)….such a versatile little item and added a pair of Tres Beau cord shorts that I collected from the VIP room earlier for just 20L !

The De Capo sweater was another instant purchase, lotsa colour choices and it even comes with the necklace, only 50L, quite the deal! Another bargain from Tres Beau’s VIP room was this darling little cord skirt priced at 20L , would look great with some winter wooly tights and boots right?

Of courrrse I found something PINK to delight…this classy Tshirt “Fugue”, sooper bow detail at the back..a real winner for my wardrobe…priced at only 30L *gasp*…sooo many colours in this you might wanna get a few..

Of course there was a gift *squeeee* but seriously, I was so bowled over by the stuffage & prices I found, I almost forgot to collect it..which wouldve been a shame because I ❤ it sooo much! Sweet as candy blouse, great teal shade…pretty ruffly bit…whats not to like huh?

I’m gonna add a little bit about Tres Beau here also…my friend Carmella Ruby  told me that their gift for the DIMH (diamond is mine hunt) was fantastic…so of course I HAD to head over and grab it up..and she was right it IS delish…Ruby came on over to show me something else shed found, which is a VIP group members room. Now neither of us could find a sign or teleport for this..and you can’t landmark it..sooo we had to sneakily cam in and sit on a couch inside – naughty!…once in, the room is choc-a-block with discounted pretties…as I showed above the cord skirt & shorts…but theres tonnnns more ! Gowns, complete outfits..I was trying to be really really good and not splurge ! Soooo if you need to find this little nook of goodness, enter the main store doors directly infront of you as you land…and follow around to your right..alllll the way through the store…rightttt to the very back…then peek through the wall using your camera controls..and sit on the couch to get in- I’m pretty sure there is a much easier way to do this…but heyho…FUN! oh so yeah..the DIMH gift! it’s seriously yum…all dark brown checks and a fabbo shawl type cardi/wrap…the glasses are a new group gift from Lepoppycock…youll find them at the entrance of the store right by the group joiner board…shooz are the K a w a i i H u n t item from tea time…awww lully!

[Echo] items : [Echo]

DIMH outfit & vip discounted items: Tres Beau

Glasses: LePoppycock

Shooz K a w a i i H u n t : Tea Time

K a w a i i H u n t: web site with info

DIMH: web site with info




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Its never slow in my kitchen

I’ve always meant to ask how that name came about “Slow Kitchen”, but I’ve always been too busy slobbering over the gear to remember *grins*. Slow Kitchen has been a fav store of mine for the longest time..such dainty, pritty things..and such good prices. There is always something I *gasp* over and buy each time I go…no big change this time either..I grabbed up the latest group gift above..A line Tshirt in a super marl grey fabric. handy dandy and a real classic, I spotted a pack of leggings for just 30L, so nabbed them and teamed them up with the grey Tee…adorbs!

Whilst dribbling over the leggings pack..I also spied this darling little top (2 colours to choose from) it was just 30L ! There are two ways to wear it..with or without the t-shirt underneath…

Andddd *drum roll* puhlease …this is what got me into a lather..This dress…that comes in black or angelic pure white…with its layers of frothy lace and tiny tiny little diamonds scattered on the skirt…its also has a bow at the nape of the neck…unbelievably just 120L…If youre liking the necklace & earings I’m wearing…youd better dash over to Addiction RIGHT now…cause they are the Secret Wednesday item (well there are two actually!) and for today are only 49L the set...totally different..and unique design, the teeny pearls are the lightest delicate shade of pink..the thing I totally love about this creators gear is she gives you a lot of choices..chest & spine attachment points..resizer or not…fahhhbulous!…

Go get squeeeely: Slow Kitchen

Love Letter jewelry set: Addiction Jewelry