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30k for Gabriel

30,000 is a rather large number wouldn’t you say? I would too and yesterday I found out that one of my favourite stores, Gabriel, has now eclipsed that number in group member!

To celebrate this, they are giving away this sculpted Down Vest as a group gift. It comes in a coolly crisp white with awesome fur trim around the hood and on the chest. The details like the fur, the buttons on the pockets and the little tags at the edge of the hood all look fabulous as does the vest itself. It can be resized via script but it fit me right out of the box which is a rare thing indeed for a sculpted vest.

While I was there picking the vest up, I also noticed this brilliant pair of leather boots was being given away as a group gift before (I must have missed the notice about these). Another example of great work from Gabriel, the leather texture on these boots look amazing and I’m loving the straps and silver buckles on the sides. Both of these gifts also come in a female version too, ladies.

If you’re not already a member of this group, you should be as there are some other wonderful group gifts besides these to be picked up which I have blogged before and I noticed that there is still a sale going on that will let you pick up some major bargains. Congrats Gabriel!

Get the gear here: Gabriel