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Return to Elysium

For those of you who like your tuxedos, you’re in luck as SF Design have released a new one and it is simply gorgeous. I was lucky enough for swaffette Firefly to send me some to show you all.

It is called the Elysium and like I said, it is gorgeous. The notecard I read about it is certainly right as it does have a certain touch of flamboyant style to it, from the puffy, ruffled dress shirt sleeves to the long coat and eye-catching bow tie, this is definitely a tuxedo to behold.

It comes in lovely colours of black, blue and brown. The choice of layers for wearing these tuxes are many so you can mix and match with these quite easily and as you can see, it looks equally fabulous either with or without the coat. Each one features two different bow tie colours to choose from and the resizers make them so easy to fit. There are a lot of other attachments to be worn with the Elysium but honestly, I only had to resize the shirt collar and bow tie, the rest fit perfectly right out of the gate. I am especially ‘attached’ to the dress shirt sleeves, I love their puffiness and the little ruff at the ends, the way they hang down slightly over your hands, such a super little touch. The waistcoats included are also just as stunning and you may recognize the design from Monday Mania earlier in the week.

I can’t neglect to tell you that you also get these awesome buckled dress shoes with the Elysium tuxedo. With their beautiful design and texture, they are the perfect finishing touch for this look and saves you time pilfering your inventory for a pair of shoes that are just right.

The Elysium will cost you L$600 but in my opinion, that is well worth it for a tux of this quality. Everything looks just so good on this, the details are amazing. If you are looking for a tuxedo with a tremendous sense of style, I think you’ll find it with this. Thanks swaffette!

Get the gear here: SF Design High Society