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Are you a honey badger or an owl?

Luckily for Moody Monday at Argyle Anonymous you don’t neeeed to choose ! For just 55L today only…you will get yer paws on both sets of mittens, scarf & earmuffs hurrah! Totally adorbs for male or female’s…the owl design is hot potatoes currently and the honey badger is catchin up…dont know what a honey badger is huh? (cause I didn’t either and had to ask swan ling last week) here’s a link to find out…WARNING it’s not suitable for viewing at work or with kiddies !!

 The Honey Badger : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg

Iam definately a Honey Badger TODAY !! Thanks swanners xx

mittens,scarfs & muffs : Argyle Anonymous