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Baggy Turkey

Yes indeed, as foretold by Faith, here I am showing the male version of Argyle Anonymous’ Dirty Turkey Hunt gift: the baggy sweater.

This is so lovely, it reminds me of the big, loose and oh so comfortable sweaters I love wrapping myself up on those cold days (how I miss them already!). The sculpted upper and lower sleeve parts add to the baggy effect, as does the body attachment. The texture is also fantastic, you can see just how warm this is and the forest green colour is gorgeous. The baggy sweater also comes with a shirt collar you can add on to wear beneath or you can go without it, either way looks awesome.

As Faith also mentioned, this will take some looking to find, but with some patience I’m sure you’ll get it and it is most definitely worth snapping up while you can.

Get the gear here: Argyle Anonymous