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Pillow Fight !

Heres the gang…on my bed…rough & tumbling with a new pose from Magnifique….sooooo cute we’re making my teeth ache ! It’s a lovely pose for making memories of your mates…adorable…just 159L

Another release called “I missed you” aww will you look at them two (get a roooooom)….looks like Zan can smell chocolate on Steves breath huh?…

Last up for loves young dream…is this pose “I ❤ you”…guy sits on the ground (or couch) and the chick is buried in against his chest…my absolute favourite…super snuggly ! There is a VIP group gift (I think its free join) a pose called *Dip me*, very romantic…Go snoop the store, two floors of poses,props, and some great deals ! Thanks Scarlet xx

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