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Gobble Gobble

I spent a short time this evening mooching a coupla stores in The Dirty Turkey Hunt…found some new-to-me ones, love that ! Hopped over to Eat Paste and managed to find their gift (Im useless at hunts, truly) Soooo glad I did..its this dusky orange dress , so chic and also a skin…with its delicate truffle lips and stylish melted toffee toned eye makeup..its sooper lush!

You also get these funky sunglasses that FLASH yay! Love it…the photo prop box Im stood in is also in the hunt, from Sparrowtree Studios Poses, comes with a few poses also and the window has heaps of different views..very pretty…very useful…

::.rb.::  have an adorable set out as their gift…antlers, nose,strawb for yer mouth..plush turkey to cuddle with…ears AND the custest twitching tail ever (NO! Iam not showing you my tail !) Im not big on pumpkins usually,specially after the Halloween overdoes of em..but I have to say I found these at mewmew and actually fell in love..lovely shape..nicely textured..keepers for moi..

Last up, as Im gettin sleepy…I made my way to “Julia”, Ive had items from this store in the past and just KNEW whatever the gift was, it would be well made and a quality item. I was sooper chuffed to find that not only is the gift fantabulous but its also WEARABLE hurrah! I adore wearables…you get this whole little *scene*…wear it and your sat by a cozy fire on some grungy pillows, and a barrell of empty bottles beside you…perfect…

Hunt web page for info and all participating stores: The Dirty Turkey Hunt

Feautred stores: Eat Paste     Julia     rb      Sparrowtree Studios Poses   mewmew