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The Isle of Man

The boys and girls both have gotten lucky for Monday Mania at SF Design today, yes indeedy.

Faith has already shown you how awesome the ‘Isle Knitted Sweater and Tank’ looks in its sweater version so I thought I’d give you guys a look at the vest. I’m wearing it here with my good old ‘Fair Isle’ white shirt from SF Design and how cool does it look? I love the beautiful blue colour on this and the knitted texture is awesome. The vest (like the sweater) comes on multiple layers so you can mix and match it however you like.

Speaking of mixing and matching: this sweater and vest is part of swaffette’s upcoming Autumn separates collection which I’m very excited to see. As always, this lovely item can be yours for just L$25 for today only and considering how good this looks and the fact that it’s really two tops, you can’t go past this. You can only get it at this special price from the Monday Mania board located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Beguiled by the Isle

M…M…Monday!!!!! Yus…its Monday Mania time…I ❤ Mondays  ….This week SF Design has  a very seasonal offering..the Isle Sweater in rich royal blue. I’m wearing it in full, avec sleeves…but you could also wear it as a vest over a shirt.  You can nab your one for just 25L from the Monday Mania board. I teamed the sweater up with the versatile white blouse also from SF Design and this months free gift, a fabulous scarf with colour & texture changer..grab yours before the month is over ! Thanks Swaffette xx

Sweater,scarf & shirt: SF Design

Pose: Glitterati

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Seems I’ve gotten a little late showing you guys this month’s free gift from SF Design, but hey, it’s still October and better late than never they say.

The gift I’m talking about is the super awesome colour change scarf. A truly great accessory, it looks brilliant under a jacket or over a sweater (like the SFD rollneck I’m wearing) or with both. It has nine different colours to choose from across two different patterns, houndstooth or striped and they all look so cool it took me a while to decide which one to use for the picture. With a resizer script also included, it is so very easy to wear.

This is most definitely a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe and it’s free. Head on down and snap it up while you can.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Newness from CandyMetal…a collection of the sweeetest pj’s & underwear…yehyehyeh I chose to show the PINK..whateverrrrr ! Each colour set comes with a long-sleeved shirt…..and….

…a pair of what Id call “boy shorts” knickers..and a bra top…three colours to choose from..pink,blue or the beige (the beige is scrrrrummmmy) At 100L a set…its a steal! Thanks Emychan xx Btw…if you havent popped to CandyMetal before..dont forget to check around..there are oooodles of dollarbies about..and some really great low price gear ! Join the group to keep up to date with their news.

Pj’s: CandyMetal

Poses: Magnifique

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Pure as the Driven….Dress

Special promotion available at the Stars Mall for a limited time…this startling pure white sweater dress is only 99L. Beautiful cowl neck, chunky sleeves and a soft skirt bottom..it comes with two belt options white as above or black ! Simple but elegant…not sure how long the promo lasts for so dash over and snap it up while the going is good !

Sweater dress: Stars Mall

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Big day out knickers

I don’t know about you, but I categorise my knickers…uhm..is that weird? Oh well for me its sooper helpful. I have ones for jeans, ones for no VPL..ones for..well you get the idea *squirm* I decided this new dollarbie set from CandyMetal would deffo go in my “for best” section…isnt it pretty? For just one of your linden dollars, you get these pretty scarlet knickers & bra…

…and the shorts also…and the velvety lush corset top….andddddd…

…a pair of matching skinny jeans !  Thanks Emychan xx. The boots I’m wearing were a tip from my friend Fey Savira, free on the market place, colour change too! Great killer heels- thanks Fey xx

All clothes : CandyMetal

Boots: Market Place

Poses: Dare (no longer available) & Magnifique

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Walker: Sartoria Outfit

Hopefully Chuck Norris won’t mind that I kinda-sorta borrowed from him for the title of this post. Anyway, back to the point. I got a notice the other day about there being a new free outfit called ‘Walker’ by Sartoria to grab down at Mimi’s Choice and so I had to get it.

It is a brilliant, complete casual outfit that features all that you see above. Black jeans, blue vest and white half-opened dress shirt, you get it all and it all looks great (there’s also a wickedly cool black fedora in there too guys). There are many different layers that you can choose to wear for this outfit and the shirt and vest can be worn by themselves as well. The details on every item is superb as you’d expect from Sartoria and what made it even better was that I did not have to touch one attachment to get them fitted, the cuffs and collar for the shirt and the cuffs for the jeans I just slapped on and I was off, got to love that.

This is an outfit you don’t want to miss out so head on down to Mimi’s Choice and join the group and grab this gift. While you’re there you should take a stroll around because there are just so many goodies to see.

Get the gear here: Mimi’s Choice