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If Carlsberg made freebies…

So…there I was one 3am…restless and wriggly..so I decided to feed my guilty pleasure..*stands up* “my name is Faithless , and I’m addicted to wearable toys and other assorted silliness”…For some reason, I’ve found the BEST wearable toys and scripted stuffage is to be found in Japanese themed shopping areas…so..I typed in “Japan” using search…and went on a voyage of freeebiness…I stuffffed my inventory with assorted inexpensive gacha finds and gifts..and sloped off home to fiddle with them…theeee best thing I found was the suitcase above…pretty cute to sit in BUT…you see all those wee photos behind and around me? If you touch them, they give you thingsssss…mostly wearables..and FUN items..like a kittycat head and kittycat guitar that meowsss…wearable animal cars…uhmm…a fish drum…a backpack that hands out drinks & candy..OMG its just crammed full with goodies ! Theres even a mini version just to wear in your hand…BRILLIANT! Even Stevie had to go get one…we passed a happy hour getting all the gifts and fooling about with them …go on….do it do it do it !

Brilliant suitcase : NIYARI

(the store is empty apart from this suitcase, don’t be off out..just go in and collect it. If you walk up the hill you will find NamiNoke..another fantab store for alll-around-cuteness and ooodles of gacha’s yay!)

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Howdy fellow sweater lovers

Darn-rootin-tootin good times fer sweater wearin ! I just got my paws on some lulliness from Graffitiwear..and its snugglybuggly…beautiful sweaters to keep you cozy in various shades…pluss some lush skinny jeans (they have cuffs but I wanted to show off my new boots!) You can snap the sweaters up for just 75L or a phat pack of all four only 290L. Gorjus cuffs…really soft chunky look to the knit and a classy cowl neckline..totally adorb ! The jeans also come in other tones..I really really REALLY loved the faded black aka grey…good texturing on these, stuff em in your boots and your good to go! Single colour is 65L, phat pack of four just 250L ! My boots were a birthday gift from Player (thank you baby xx) and they are from miel..called LIA and have squoooodles of colour change options..I love gadgety boots !

Sweaters & jeans: Graffitiwear

Boots: miel

Pose: hate me eat me (thanks riri xx)

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Separate Ways

I told you on Monday I was excited to see the new SF Design Autumn separates collection and now, thanks to swaffette Firefly, I have and all I can say is wow!

She has released a whole mash-up of awesomeness, corduroy sets in gorgeous Autumn-y colours: sage, grey, blue and my personal favourite of the bunch walnut. In each colour there are many different choices of items, all available separately. There is the corduroy jacket with elbow patches, the check it out shirts, cord pants and isle knitted sweater and tank. Above you can see me in the walnut versions of the check it out shirt, cord jacket and pants.

Each item is so well made and the corduroy textures are amazing. The jacket comes with two different fitting points for the sculpted bottom, either higher or lower fitting and they come with a non scripted and scripted versions for your resizing pleasure, as does the jacket collar and pants cuffs.

Honestly though, the best part about these items – for me anyway – is the way you can mix and match them. Every colour seems to go so well with the others as do the looks of the clothes themselves with the check it out shirt the piece that brings them all together. No wonder too, it’s such a great looking shirt. It comes on all layers and includes a brilliant pattern and four different styles of collar and ties to choose from, it looks great with all the other pieces but just as good by its lonesome.

These are just some fantastic items and they are just waiting to be picked up by you guys now. I seriously don’t know how you can choose which items to get and in what colours but whatever you get you’re definitely going to look good in. Thanks swaffette!

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Boo-tiful Disaster Hunt

Spook night is almost upon us..and I found a couple of gowns you might like to use if you’re off to a partay…above Im wearing “Kiss of the spider woman” which is a gift in the Boo-tiful Disaster Hunt…very classy..optional blood splattered or plain gloves..sheer or not top…

Second I found this pure white ghostly dress from needful necessities…(there were two gifts, one for the gals and one for the guys) prettily tattered , layered and comes with some sweet white boots for the complete look…nicely understated with its silver chains that wrap across the bodice and hips..

Where::: Paris Metro Couture-Four Season’s Plaza
When::: October 22nd to November 5th

Hunt Object::: The word “Boo” wearing a wtiches hat

Blog for Hints and Annoucements

Ghostly gown: Needful necessities

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Ohmai…how did it get past my radar that [e] has a sale on ! Youd better rush because its over on 30th October ! Elikatira is turning 1 year old and to celebrate there is a MASSIVE 70% off everything *faints*…this is one of my all time fav places for hair..so I dashed over and snapped up heaps !! There are also shoooz and bootz ! I nabbed the shoes above called “move” they come in a veritable rainbow of colours..these ones are “nude”..and set me back just 55L…the hair is called “Looking” and in the sale it cost me only 66L , I know I know! 66L for a pack of five tones! Suffice to say I bought manyyyy packs *grins*, I wont say how many exactly as I know Player reads this blog and will spank me (ooo maybe I should say )…the jeans were a gift from fame.less via the subscribo..pop over and join today for more updates, the jeans are in the history number 1. The sweater was a gift from Steve for my birthday aww ! Its made bySkin Flicks and is sooper snuggly buggly..called *Hallie* I ❤ it SO much..thanks Stevie xx

Hair & shooz: Elikatira Sale

Sweater: Skin Flicks https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Skin-Flicks-Hallie-Pink-Sweater/1999863

Jeans: fame.less

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Wheres theres muck theres brass..

One of my mum’s fav sayings…and it seems to be holding good..theres some sort of blogging issue going down between warring factions…resulting in a fabulous gift being placed out at the Seraphim HQ…I don’t understand whats occured..and I dont really want to get involved..but hurrah for a gorgeous dress for zero lindens I say. ! The Seahole..one of my fav hunting grounds for gear has out this gift of four colours of the Chinatown frock..I chose two to show you..it also comes with a lully hair flower aww too cute !

Adored the pink tones in this one…also look fantabulous with the purrrple vixen boots that are also available to collect for free at the Seraphim HQ. Thanks guys!

Get the goodies here: Seraphim HQ

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I got a notecard from Carmella Ruby, the owner of Ruby Skins, yesterday letting me know about her new outlet store for Ruby Intimates and the free gift you can pick up from there.

For us guys it is this sweet pair of snakeskin boots. I’ve always had a thing for snakeskin and these fit the bill quite nicely. Super texture on them, I really like the leather strap and the chunky heel. You can attach these to your foot or leg depending on how you want to wear them. They also come with a resizer HUD but I found that I didn’t need them at all as these boots fit perfectly right out of the box.

So there you have it, a great reason to go and check out Ruby Intimates outlet store. Girls, there’s also a free gift for you down there as well. Thanks Ruby!

Get the gear here: Ruby Intimates Outlet