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Want some glamour in your Monday Mania?

We have glamour in spades today..lustrous silk…with a choice of cuffs…cufflinks…and to die for creases…THIS is SF Designs Monday Mania item..one for the guys..one for the ladies..its a subtle play on halloweeny colours, not overly orange or bright, which makes it super wearabubble all year round ! You get layering choices and the bestttt thing..I didnt need to do any prim fiddling..this is how it looks straight outta the box yay!

You get two cuff styles in both male & female…I soooooo love love LOVE the longer ones on mine with the beautiful cufflinks and shape of the sleeve…dont forget,this is only available from the Monday Mania board, and only for 25L today! Thanks Swaffette xx

Silk Shirts: SF Design

Poses: Glitterati & Stakey