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Stay Out of the Dark

The dark is a baaaad place to be on Halloween. Who knows what may lurk around that next shadowy corner? So your best bet is to ensconce yourself in a well-lit place, somewhere like a store perhaps. Specifically, a store like Akeruka  because there you can pick up your awesome Halloween group gift dollarbie.

The gift I’m talking about is the Vampire Hunter Galadriel skin. It’s absolutely perfect for this time of year with its pale skin and withered, haunted face. You really have to zoom in on that face to get the full effect, the detailing is really cool. As you always get with Akeruka, the body looks great as well with some lovely defined muscles, all the better for tracking down those creatures of the night. I’m liking the black fingernails as well, not something I usually would, but it works here.

There’s also a female group gift for you ladies as well so if you’re not already, get yourself signed up to the Akeruka group and grab yourself some Halloween hotness (there is a L$150 joining fee for this group but well worth it).

Get the gear here: Akeruka