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If Carlsberg made freebies…

So…there I was one 3am…restless and wriggly..so I decided to feed my guilty pleasure..*stands up* “my name is Faithless , and I’m addicted to wearable toys and other assorted silliness”…For some reason, I’ve found the BEST wearable toys and scripted stuffage is to be found in Japanese themed shopping areas…so..I typed in “Japan” using search…and went on a voyage of freeebiness…I stuffffed my inventory with assorted inexpensive gacha finds and gifts..and sloped off home to fiddle with them…theeee best thing I found was the suitcase above…pretty cute to sit in BUT…you see all those wee photos behind and around me? If you touch them, they give you thingsssss…mostly wearables..and FUN items..like a kittycat head and kittycat guitar that meowsss…wearable animal cars…uhmm…a fish drum…a backpack that hands out drinks & candy..OMG its just crammed full with goodies ! Theres even a mini version just to wear in your hand…BRILLIANT! Even Stevie had to go get one…we passed a happy hour getting all the gifts and fooling about with them …go on….do it do it do it !

Brilliant suitcase : NIYARI

(the store is empty apart from this suitcase, don’t be off out..just go in and collect it. If you walk up the hill you will find NamiNoke..another fantab store for alll-around-cuteness and ooodles of gacha’s yay!)