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Wheres theres muck theres brass..

One of my mum’s fav sayings…and it seems to be holding good..theres some sort of blogging issue going down between warring factions…resulting in a fabulous gift being placed out at the Seraphim HQ…I don’t understand whats occured..and I dont really want to get involved..but hurrah for a gorgeous dress for zero lindens I say. ! The Seahole..one of my fav hunting grounds for gear has out this gift of four colours of the Chinatown frock..I chose two to show you..it also comes with a lully hair flower aww too cute !

Adored the pink tones in this one…also look fantabulous with the purrrple vixen boots that are also available to collect for free at the Seraphim HQ. Thanks guys!

Get the goodies here: Seraphim HQ