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*Coco* Nutter

So there I was panning and scanning and I still couldn’t find the hunt item I had been looking. However, I did spot a rather large red sign which had two of my favourite words on it “sale, clearance” (my other Fav words are free, quality and gift).  My SL joy was completed when I saw that this sign was slapped on to *Coco* .  I have a number of their clothes and although I can’t remember how much I paid this is the sort of shop you pay for quality so the fact that some items are reduced up to 75% made my day. 

Resisted so much but then I spotted these jeans.  Rude rude and don’t we just love them.  You get two choices: one with underpants one without the underpants ones are a strange shade of grey so I decided to model the pair without them and to save the blushes of the photographer wear my own. It’s not free but at L$100 it’s a great price.  Fitted perfect and you get a choice of leg style but best of all the prim belt is a seamless finish, blends in so well and I didn’t have to do any adjustments at all.

Then I spotted the stairs up to the discount area.  Click click and I’d scored myself some just simply great clothes, one of which is this lovely brown knitted dress.  A whole L$35!  All items in the discounted section have real discounts and not just token ones.  Shoes, tops, jeans and even a couple of mens suits slashed in prices.  Brilliant.

Just to make this a more successful trip than the hunt I gave up on they now have new items added to the group gifts so make your day join the group for free and grab those gifties.  Well worth a visit.

This LM should take you to the discounted area but make sure you go down the stairs to the main shop and happy bargain hunting.