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Roll me up

Yes indeed roll necks are the order of the day this fine Monday as I see Faith has beaten me to the punch in showing SF Design’s Monday Mania item (she’s also beaten me in the looks department but oh well).

As you can see, guys aren’t missing out on the super roll neck sweater today. I love these for the same reasons Faith stated, they are so versatile and look equally awesome worn by themselves or underneath a jacket (I’ve still got mine on currently under one of my suit coats). The fact that it comes in black makes that much more useable because black just goes with everything. Throw in the fact that it has a great look to it with lovely creases and shading, perfectly fitting cuffs as well as the roll neck itself and you have the ultimate mix and match item.

For L$25 you seriously have to run down to SF Design and pick this up today guys. Remember that you can only get it at this price from the Monday Mania board located just inside the casual men’s section of SF Design for today only.

Get the gear here:  SF Design