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Are you a sad cactus?

I’m a word queen..I love words..especially descriptive ones..like..”sad cactus”..isnt that just a fab way to describe the colour green? Anywayyy Argyle Anonymous have some sweeter than sweet new skirts out…cargo ones ! Four deelicious shades…Above Im wearing the one called “Hay Ride”. Happy little pockets on the front and a texture change belt, buttoned alllll the way from waist to hem…gorjus!  At just 169L per shade, it’s a real keeper for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe…think wooly tights and boots as it gets colder…

I teamed the newness up with one of the crochet tanks…and a pair of the Mox shoes in vanilla bean…adorable ! (Both available instore for 169L – various shades)

Heres the aforementioned “sad cactus” colour..slung on a chunky sweater, snatched up my bag (from DUH only 20L !) anddd I’m good to go…thanks Swanners xx (Dont forget to stalk the lucky chairs while your there- there was a pair of the Mox shoes in it last time I visited!)

Cargo skirts,Mox shoes & crochet blouse: Argyle Anonymous

My tweet bag: DUH

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Poised on a bench

Not sure how long this is good for..buttt…Poised has this yummmy little shorts & tank set out for just 50L ! Its called Digital Spirit, bright red tank and a really lovable pair of washed out denim shorts…the bench is from Magnifique poses and comes with the sweet pumpkin (it’s not linked so you can move it around yay!) Packed with some great animations. The thing I really like about Magnifique’s gear is that its copy & mod..means you can fiddle about with it and get more unique photos, another bonus is it’s all very low prim (phew)..thanks Poise & Scarlet !

Digital Spirit set: Poised

The Bench Pose Prop: Magnifique Poses

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Can You Kick It & A Little Grunge

Autumn is a fav time of year for me..love the colours, love the season…love allllll those smudgy warm edible colours that I can wear ! SF Designs has added to the Autumn fest of releases with this very wearabubble complete outfit called “Kick it”…and I was a lucky girl and got my paws on it yay!- thanks Swaffette xx. It comes in three colour ways, I chose to show the brown & gold version cause it reminds me of fudge and chocolates *grins*.

Big reveal..here it is..the whole shebang..for just 300L you get the lot, tunic thick rib sweater, belt, wooly leggings AND the boots ! Resizers in the belt for a perfect fit, not that I needed to edit a thing..right outta the box and onto my impatient bones…

Zooooom in for the boot detail…deeeelicious..big buckles, suede look fabric..chunky laces…I ❤ them muchly…I was hard pressed which colour I liked the most, the silver & blue set is adorable…red & black would be my standard issue fav colours for the winter ahead…decisions decisions huh ?!

If you’re wondering about the totally lickable skins Im swanning about in…they are from Katsucide and currently out for just 86L each at the Grunge Soul Project..photos one & two are called “MySunkissed” and the one above (my fav if I HAD to pick) is called “Romantica”..Ive been keeping my eye on this skin maker for a few months, came across them when I was following a hunt and liked what I saw..beautiful finish..nothing harsh and I adore the gentle bloom on the cheeks…popped over to  GSP to get the price tag, great gear out all at amazing prices ! (thanks AcIde Innovia)

Kick it outfit & boots : SF Design

Skins: Katsucide at  GSP

Poses: Magnifique & Glitterati

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Enduro Racer

Get on your bikes as SF Design has another fantastic piece of gear up for grabs for Monday Mania.

Today’s offering is the black leather vest and tee that you can see above. As with the newly released biker pants, the leather texture on this vest is gorgeous,very true to life. It comes in two versions: a short version and a longer version designed to be worn with the sculpted vest bottom which comes in 2 different sizes as well as one with an in-built resizer script so there’s absolutely no way you won’t get this to fit.

The white tee that comes with the vest can be worn by itself but of course just looks awesome worn under the vest and features a cool little enduro racer picture. The tee comes on the shirt and underwear layers as well as the pants layer for low-rise jeans.

This great set will, as always, only cost you L$25 for today only so run on down and pick it up. Remember you can only get it at that price from the Monday Mania board located just inside the casual men’s section of SF Design.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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All Star

Some casual newness for Monday…Great “All Star” tee dress..sling it on with a jacket,sweater etc..slip on some lowtops…voila!

There are currently two versions ..the grey marl and the lighter version above..Ive teamed the paler tone with a pair of Anymore  stripey leggings and a black denim jacket from Poison..

Dresses are just 99L each, leggings only 50L !

All Star dresses & leggings : Anymore

Denim Jacket: Poison

Poses: Glitterati

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Marky Mark

I saw a notice the other day advertising a very special gift from a store that I’d never heard of before called Akeruka. I had to go and check it out and am extremely glad that I did.

For the crazy price of just L$1 you can grab the brilliant skin Mark. I’m really liking this; with its strong face and super looking chin-strap beard it is definitely very masculine. The details on the body are also fantastic: subtle body hair and clearly defined but not overly done muscles. The tattoo you see is included already on the skin and is called ‘Maori Rising’ from Essential Soul. Usually I’m not keen on pre-tattooed skins but this is my kind of tattoo and an excellent inclusion.

As I mentioned, this skin will only cost you L$1 and is definitely something you should run on down and pick up as soon as you can.

Get the gear here: Akeruka

Pose by Diesel Works
Hair by MADesigns

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sey what?

Player came home the other night sporting a new shirt…rather cool..it was from sey, so we popped over to check out the chicks gear and I bought this darling coat. It comes in other tones, but I simply adored the pink & black pattern..furry cuffs and trimmed plush hood, and I  loved the arm pocket detail…unbelievably only 100L *faints*…grabbed up the sweet trunk bag also ,comes in two sizes and is currently out as a free gift..

I spied this range of retro dresses, well they call it a “two piece” set…lotsa different prints & colours available..and only 100L…

Just before the sleepy dust got too heavy in my eyes..I spotted this free outfit  (there is a cabinet stuffed full of gifts for group members along one of the walls – stuff for guys too!) Pretty outfit and perfect colours for Autumn, complete with a snazzy scarf..and of course that little trunk bag that I can’t stop wearing…

All clothing & bag: sey

Brown wooly tights: J&J