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GizzA me that !

That horrible boy Steve didn’t tell me that GizzA had a load of gifts out for group members *gasp*, I had to find out myself tsk. The group is free join yay! I picked up a bunch, above the superb leather outfit, pants,,jacket & bra, the boots are from GOS and I ❤  them SO much! (curvaceous boots yumm) The leather texturing is high quality, I’m not generally liking leather wear in SL but Id definitely make an exception for this !

Next up is this striking outfit called “Lines attract”…gawd..isnt it just to-die-for? The boots are fantastique!, lully leggings…tank/ dress over them and one of those fabbo vest jackets in gold also! This is one of those looks you can break down and use all over the place or wear complete..BIG fav of mine.

Just to show you I can be a *ladeeee* occasionally…heres one of the group gifts gowns…very posh…liking the neutral colour so so much, classy styling..

All clothing: GizzA

Boots photo 1 : GOS