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By the Skin of…

You remember the other day I blogged a gift skin from Akeruka, the one with the wicked tattoo on it? When I was talking to the designer, KaoZ Koba, I thought I recognised his name and now I know why. He was the creator of Damiani Fashion Design and now he’s back with Akeruka and these brilliant skins I’m showing today.

In the picture above you can see Liam in all his glory. I’m also wearing the Liam shape to go along with it, the first time I’ve been out of my normal shape in years!

Here is Kal and as you can see, the details of these skins are fantastic. The faces on each are very masculine and handsome and you can get them featuring a range of different facial hair options.

The clean-cut Manuel looks awesome too. The body design on these skins are gorgeous with super-looking details around the torso. The muscles are just the way I like them: well-defined but not bodybuilder bulging and overdone.

Finally we have Noah. Don’t the different skin tones you can see here look amazing? I generally don’t stray too far away from my normal skin tone here on SL but I like the look of these a lot!

So there you have an amazing bunch of skins.You definitely must, must, must head on down to Akeruka and check them out up close and personal. You will surely find something you like. Thanks KoaZ!

Get the gear here: Akeruka

Added byFaith: Ok zan & I have decided that the first skin & shape Steve should really adopt as his main look…its gorjuss!! He isnt convinced 100% but then he IS the guy who clung to his bling watch and blood red hair for almost a YEAR ! If you see him around please please tell him he looks amazing !

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  1. Fai, of course you are right! But ya gotta know that us dudes aren’t real big on looking at each other and saying stuff like “Gee. Steve – you look amazing.”

    *nods at Steve, gives the “thumbs up”*


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