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Spot light on….Valentino’s

For as long as I can recall…I’ve been going to Valentino’s to buy my greeting cards and gifts. I can’t remember how I found it but once I did (in 2007 I think?) Ive returned each time I need a special card. Anniversaries, birthday’s , Christmas, valentines day, and sometimes just because I wanted to say “I love you” or “I’m thinking of you”. The range of cards is amazing as is the style of them. You have the choice of buying ones that you can add your own customised greeting (it’s very simple to do) or you can purchase one with a greeting built right in.

I have a huge collection of Valentino Teddies ! Player sneaks one in my gift boxes on most occasions and I adore them, not too high prim either hurrah! Have a snoop around  at the myriad of celebration items, balloons,gift boxes,party poppers and some really lovely things like small blankets and drinks , boxes of chocolates etc..Ive received such a large amount of gifts from this store and they always thrill me to receive..thank you Valentino Tendaze !

Greeting cards & gifts : Valentino’s