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Monday quickie !

oh yeahh..a quickie..*grins*..so I found this new store called Yokana and its stuffed with some pretty glam gear..as I was mooching about I found three gifts, didn’t know what they were but ever the intrepid gift collector I took them – said a quiet “thankyou”- and headed home. Was really pleased with my find..sooper leopard print skinny pants, a sweet little top andddd some flats to wear with it all hurrah! The pretty flowery things are from Piddlers Perch..go check out this place, they have oodles of low prim gooodies for lowwwww prices ! (most are copiable too) The pose is from Magnifique poses, it’s a house with the poses built right into the doorway..dress it up..recolour it…its fab! (thanks scarletxx)

outfit: Yokana

Doorway pose: Magnifique poses

Trellis: Piddlers Perch


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Boho skirts and Monday Coffee

It’s a holiday in England today, the last summer one till Christmas (oh GOD !) and its forecast to be sunny sunny sunny yay! Perfect for the weather is the new Monday Mania from SF Design. The Pippa boho skirt is sooper lush and girly…SO en vogue currently but really..boho skirts such as these never drop out of the fashion radar…a classic feminine look. “Pippa” is in a fresh meadow green colour and goes perfectly with the Pippa range of gypsy blouses we showed a little while ago…its got what Id call a “pie crust” top..so drawstring tight around your waist but then spills out over the top…pretty!

Soooo 25L for a boho skirt…pretttty good deal huh? Howabout you get two styles of it for that?!! Yus you do !! Included are two lengths, the short andddd the floor brushing long..I teamed them up with a fresh cool white tank..but Im thinking also a tied chambray shirt would work easily as well…lovelovelove these..dont forget only today and only from the Monday Mania board for 25L..thanks swaffette xx

Something I meant to show you a week or so ago…is this snuggly short robe from SF Design, it makes Player go all gooey and huggy when I wear it awww…I was shopping for a robe and found a silky one from Dutchie..but then I came across this and just adored it also..its SO me ! There is an alpha layer to wear with it..so nothing pokes out where it shouldnt…lotsa options included such as resizer pieces, collar options etc..plussss thee cutest pair of matching slippers,comes in a multitude of colour options…this morning there was a definate nip in the air, and in real life I shrugged on my almost identical robe…stood in the garden with my huge mug of very black coffee…and remembered my SL version…voila!

Boho skirt & robe: SF Design

coffee cup: Player ! (part of his coffee set F.A.B)

Pose : Olive Juice

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Hoot Hoot

Flyyyy over to “Barn Owl” and find some smashing gear! I heard about these jeans someplace and I forget where – but the store name stuck in my head, so I looked it up and skipped over there to check them out. Sooper glad I did because they are t’riffic. Traditional denim blue shade and thee cutest little turn up cuffs, very handy item for your wardrobe…and also…free ! I bought the Indi Tee while I was there in grey stripes, sweet rumply cuffs and a pretty wooly texture, just 50L..

Jusssst as I was leaving I noticed a whole heap of tee’s on the back wall…I snapped up a couple…couldnt believe they were also oL *zoinkfaint*

Also spotted this to-die-for peacock print tee (omg also free !) beautiful print, simple clean and I adore it heaps… thanks for making my Sunday mawnin smiley barn owl! Oh if youre liking my new wig, its from Raspberry Aristocrat  and is called Jane, pack of four shades just 200L (thanks swan for showing me it xx) Some really lovely styles in there..I had to leave fassssst before I blew my tier cash on more hair !!

Tee’s & jeans : Barn Owl

Hair: raspberry Aristocrat   (I went to the store just outside shiny things, there is also one located inside Jane)

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Time for Tea

Tracked down some adorabubble group gifts for you from Tea Time, lovely store to mooch around and some great gear! There are a few pairs of these fabbo leggings on offer & the tee also..just perfect for a lazy Sunday…the shooz are from Shiny things “zimmy” flats and are also a gift, just join the subscribo and snap them up ! Dont forget to also check out the discount room, bargains and delicious footwear on offer !

Tee & leggings: Tea Time

Zimmy flats : Shiny Things

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Thats a mouthful !

Quintessencia…I just know I will never be able to spell that without looking it up ! Anywayyyy a great store to visit, with some real finds for a few Linden dollars. I snapped up this pretty lil blouse for just 5L called Luly, sugar sweet and easy to wear…

If you wander upstairs you’ll find some shooz..a couple of pairs I noticed were marked down for only 5L *faints*, I snapped up the Latifa sandals, great summery shade,easy to use HUD (just wish it had a RGB function for a better skin match!), very funky footwear for not a lotta cash yay!

Luly top & Latifa shoes : Quintessencia

Pose: Fri.day

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Right said Fred

!RIGHT on with the show…a new store for me…with heaps of goodies to go and see at very affordable prices. This week there is a special offer on the “little dress”, it’s on sale for only 89L until next Friday! (after that it reverts to the usual price of 199L)..there are a range of colours and textures to choose from, I’m showing the pink sparkle above…

but you can also choose from some non sparkly versions in block tones (why wouldn’t you want SPARKLY!!!)…

I really fell in love with the Una outfit…you get the hip bag, vest & tank for just 199L ! The leggings are from birdy for 1L, you have to find a tiny parcel hidden in the store to get them (this is a weekend ONLY thing so dont miss out), two pairs in the box, one with dots , one without ..awesomesauce.

Little dress & Una outfit : !RIGHT (thanks Chris !)

Leggings : birdy

All poses: Magnifique poses (thanks Scarlet x)


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Polka dots & black denim

I couldn’t resist the lure of Jill any longer and found a quiet 20 minutes when my router was loving me, my connection was ok…and headed over there. So thrilled I did because Jill has some new items and of course..I had to have them ! The new line of jeans caught my eye, various shades available from washed out trad blue, to inky black. I chose black, you get two cuff styles (I’m showing the skinny) plus thee cutest little chains that attach to the hip. I’m sort of over the ripped shredded look at the moment…these are classic, at just 100L a real steal. (basket is also from Jill – there are two pastel shade ones in the group lucky board – “F” never ever comes up ~le-sigh~)

I also succumbed to this sweet polka dot cami top…you get two lengths in the box, I’m wearing the shorter version in this pic, the longer in the first. Teeny tiny dots are on the silk fabric, with black banding and a darling bow at the front, again just 100L.  Btw, incase you’re wondering, the fahhbulous Geisha pose & umbrella are a new release from Magnifique poses, 6 parasols & 6 poses to go with them…adorable huh? Thanks Scarlet xx

Dont forget to join the group while you’re there and pick up a set of sweet bikinis that are out for group members…and STALK those lucky boards !

Jeans & cami top: Jill

Geisha pose & parasol : Magnifique poses