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Bleh (It’s Not)

Faith did a post the other day about a store called Barn Owl and she took me down there to have a look and we wandered into the Bleh section that is most definitely not bleh at all. The ceiling is fairly covered in an awesome range of free tshirts like the two I’m showing here.

Office Zombie suited me right down to a tee (pun not intended) and besides, it was purple! These shirts have great textures to them and there are so, so many. Some come on all layers, some not and they are all fabulous.

As an added bonus I was able to pick up the Menstuff hunt gift: the awesome Suburb sweater. I love the crisp white colour of this and it comes with sculpted sleeves, a collar and the bottom part of the sweater which are all easy to fit (the collar also comes in a version with a script and one without).

You should definitely head on down, scope out the gear and pick yourself up some.

Get the gear here: Barn Owl/Bleh