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A Sacred Reward

You guys should know by now how much I love my skin from Sacred since I’m rarely seen without it. Now there is yet another reason to take a good long, leisurely shop around the store because Wavie Haller has installed a customer rewards script.

The way it works is that if you shop in the store for ten minutes the script will give you one of a range of fantastic gifts (it’s set up to give out one gift per person a day). I was lucky enough to score this James skin. It is part of the ‘a touch of grey’ series and has an awesome more mature look to it. The body hair is great and most certainly adds to that mature look I was talking about (you can just tell it’s been growing for some time). In this gift you get two versions: one with a hairbase and one without.

This is a fantastic concept. Who knows what gift you’ll come up with, which adds to the fun of it all. With their brilliant skins, shapes and facial hairs there is plenty to keep you occupied for ten minutes easy.

Get the gear here: Sacred Skins