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I believe I can Fly

Sometimes I see a dress…and my heart does a litle “flip” of pleasure….like its whispering to me “you should wear thissss” , thats exactly what happened when I saw a photo of this amazing dress from Agnes Finney…and I was lucky enough that I could show it to you! Its called “fly” and seems to be made up entirely of soft gossamer floaty white feathers…I cant capture in a photograph just how it moves and caresses your body – but it does. Gently, delicately it rufffles and swirls around you as you walk…stunning. There optional pieces that you can choose to wear, or not, they give the dress a fuller look that I just loved !

It made me feel precious and special wearing it…as you can see above there is also an origami inspired hat designed to wear with it, shaped like a soaring bird in flight…just perfect…thank you Agnes xx

Dress : Agnes Finney my precious