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I wish…

I wish…I wish…that summer would never end…but it will…with this new release from !gO! “summer never ends” I can at least dream though…a true  gem of blouse and some very girly frilly shorts ! The shirt is just amazing, you have the option of a prim ruffle & button flap over the bodice, or not…and the most fabulous flared body…the fabric looks aged…like its seen a few summers and might be one of your most favourite things to wear…totally adoring the khaki colour (other colours also available)

Here are the shorts…arent they adorabubble …layers of cotton frilliness, ties at the side…at the moment there is a group gift (no join fee hurrah) of the bra top..which works really well with the shorts…they are modifiable so tint to your heart’s content, I think I managed to get a fair match for this shade of shorts…just the right length for paddling in the sea *grins*..thankyou Gocha xx

Go make summer never end: !gO!