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Moody Monday

Happy Monday everyone ! I’ve got a real treat for you, just the thing to brighten any Monday…Cleo Design has out this summer lounger for Moody Monday and at 55L (justtt for today though!) it’s a steal…you get all thats in this photo…the lounger, table, items on the table and the firefly catcher ! As is usual with Cleo Design…its stuffed with poses and wearables ! You need to touch the brown cushion to get the book,fan & lotion (they all have their own poses to wear them with-isnt that cooool!) Each cushion also has its own set of animations…

Even the pinwheel has a choice of speeds to rotate at…and each item is not linked.so you can choose how many prims you use up. It made me feel heaps cooler just lounging under the crisp white drapes….perfect!  Head over today and snap it up…tomorrow this will be full price again…Thanks Cleom xx

Go get cooler: Cleo Design