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Varsity Kicks (& I couldnt resist)

So ok..I couldnt resist…the temptation was tooo much ! Once Id been lured back to nyte n day..I really had to buy something…its only polite right? *laughs*…this natty denim set called “Malkin” caught my eye..lotsa choices of denim tones, sooper  useful for your SL wardrobe..Im thinking in the cooler days to toss on a shrug or cardigan…love it! At just 195L its a steal….and and and ohmaiii…check out my newww MIEL kicks ! *breathless*…arent they to-die-for???

Unbelievably these are on the fifty linden deal…there are two packs to choose from the naturals as above and the brights..uhmm…I got BOTH ! Ohhh cmonn…50L for these??!! Its gotta be done..nowww the technical stuff..the usual resizing on them etc..but but but..soooo many colours in each pack..and you can colour each part of the shoe…main,front,buckles etc..plussssss…see the “F” on my ones? and the wee heart? You can customise them also!!! Oh my lord..I adore these…oh btw..because they were a little late in being put out..they will be on offer at this lowwwww price till sometime Saturday..I wouldnt risk NOT getting them…haul butt now!

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