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Let’s Play Polo

Faith passed me a note last night mentioning Kal Rau gifts I could pick up at Mimi’s Choice and so naturally I had to check it out. While I was there I bumped into Mimi herself who very kindly showed me to the Kal Rau gear and pointed out these new polo shirts. They looked fabulous and had to get my hands on them.

They come in a delicious range of colours and the texture on them is lovely. Included with these polos is the sculpted collar and bottom of the shirt. There are four different versions of the bottoms: three with a cool-looking belt attached (each in a different colour) and one without the belt. All the attachments are super simple to fit with their resizer script. Not only do these polos look amazing but they are also a great buy at L$290 each.

Once I finished drooling over the polo tops I was able to turn my concentration back to the free gifts which I promptly snatched up. There are two of them and they are the brown leather jacket and dog tags that you can see above. The jacket is simple but brilliant, the leather texture is so lifelike and features only the one attachment which is the resizeable collar. The dog tags make a cool little accessory and are very well made, also resizeable via script.

Mimi’s Choice is a great place to go and shop, plenty of gems to be found such as the Kal Rau stuff I’ve shown here. It is most definitely hazardous to your wallet though because of the sheer amount of awesomeness.

Get the gear here: Mimi’s Choice
You should also take a look at the Kal Rau store here: Kal Rau