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FTLO Summer Scavenger Hunt…other things..and blurriness

Ok first up…appologies..my graphics & SL were not lovin me when I took these photos..so I’m sowwy for any partial blurriness you may see ! The FTLO Summer scavenger hunt is in full swing…Ive picked up a few things to show you. The idea is, you go to each location in turn (landmark to next stop point is in the item you find) you have to find the 1L item for the hunt. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Wellllll its made harder by the fact that some stores havent issued a clue…so you have to sift through (in some cases) a hundred or more items to find the 1L thing ! Inside the 1L item is your hunt prize- yes you get TWO things yay! Sooo above is the Zenith ftlo gift…very sweet plaid top….

Anddd this is the 1L item at Zenith…both keepers for moi…

new-to-me store izm had this sooper top on offer…I teamed them up with the carny shorts from waffle…love em

Won this gorjusss black tank & white shirt combo on the izm lucky board !!! Havent stopped wearin it since..greatness. Also showing the beatnik ftlo jeans & geeen flats…like the furniture? Another place that’s new to me and I heard about it on a SL forum..vent du sud…everything (apart from a few prefabs) is only ONE linden oot oot ! It’s shockingly good stuff…this smoothie set has colour change and poses built right in..the drapes behind me open & close and are modify with a colour change menu…its all copiable..so fiddle to your heart’s delight..(all furniture shown in this post is from vent du sud..I just couldn’t get enough of it)

Showing another colour option in that vent du sud smoothie set….anddddd yet another win on the izm lucky board for moi! The boards turn over fast..so stalk those babies….

To dispel the myth that bloggers get given everything they show…heres the top I won on the midnight mania from Sassy Kitty…epic fail on finding their ftlo item…but score for this lovely shirt avec butterflies ! I often don’t find hunt items, Im truly rubbish at searching…but I usually come up trumps with a luckyboard or MM gifty…keep your peepers open while you’re out & about…have fun!

FTLO Summer Scavenger Hunt start point: Pestle & Twig    Vent du Sud  (for all that yummmy furniture)


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  1. Thank youuuuu…. I am away and can’t log in to SL from here to leave you thanks, but wanted to say a HUGE thanks and glad you liked the stuff.


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