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Tea dress…thats SO quaint!

If you’re not English, you may not be familiar with the term “tea dress”…hmm how to describe it…I suppose it’s really a posh frock for day time, something you’d wear when you visit someone for afternoon tea..or a tea dance…anywayyyyyy its a cute way to describe the new Monday Mania item from SF Designs ! Id be happy to stroll around at any time of day in this…its rather classy and I soooo adore the thick suede belt, layers upon layers of girly frothiness and sweet puffed sleeves…its a scene stealer. As is usual with all SF Design gear, you get several layer options,prims with resizers or not…simple dimple to fit…thanks swaffette xx. You can collect this only from the Monday Mania board in the ladies section ,priced just 25L for one day only….dashhhh and snaffle it up.

Another dress you might classify as a “posh frock” is the new release from Elemiah Designs. Called “Touch”, its such a delicate shade of peachy cream. You can make the bodice more or less sheer depending on what layers you choose to wear..but its not overtly nipply so one or two layers works for all situations. One of the things I really enjoy about dresses from Elemiah…is how the skirts are finished…not toooo swirly..not toooo rigid…just right. This can be yours for just 150L..make sure you wander..theres quite a few really amazing deals on at the moment…I noticed some real pretties for just 19L ! Thanks Elemiah xx

Go get happy: SF Design    Elemiah Design

Necklace is from Dark Mouse “anzac”, hair by truth, poses by Dare