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If You Build It

When the first day of a brand new month falls on a Monday, you know you’re going to have a good day picking up cool gear, especially at SF Design. Swaffette Firefly has got her usual Monday Mania awesomeness plus her monthly gift which also happens to be a brand new release! Whoever said Mondays were horrible?

Speaking of the new release/monthly gift, it is this super sweet baseball jacket. When swaffette told me it was a prim jacket, I have to admit I balked a little because I’ve never been a big fan of clothes that are almost entirely prim. I tried them on however and proceeded to kick my doubt right out the door. These jackets are brilliant.

As you can see, even at full, home run swinging stretch, the dual prims that make up the arms of these jackets look perfect and that is with no editing what so ever, they just fit. They come with an alpha layer for your arms which helps a lot with that but they are just really well constructed. The colours are gorgeous as well: blue (which is this month’s free gift), black, maroon and my personal favourite – green.

Each sculpted prim comes in a scripted resizing version and one without the script but really, there’s hardly any editing required on these at all. They are the perfect casual jacket and at only L$200 for the non-free colours, you should definitely add a couple to your collection, you’ll love them.

Of course I can’t leave without showing you today’s Monday Mania from SF Design which is the gorgeous Virginian vest in blue.

I remember picking up a Virginian vest and shirt combo in a hunt a while back and really liking the vest for its beautiful pattern and the lapels/collar attachment which I hadn’t seen on a vest before. Later on down the track and nothing’s changed except that I like this colour more. As always, the collar fits really easily and there is a resizer scripted version in there as well. The vest itself comes on multiple layers so you won’t be stuck for wearing options with this. It really is gorgeous and for L$25 you can’t go wrong.

Just remember that to get it at this price you have to grab it from the Monday Mania board located just inside the men’s casual section of SF Design (those fantastic jackets you’ll find just across the aisle).

Get the gear here: SF Design